Muslim Brotherhood Statement Calling All Egyptians for Million-Man March and Rally Saturday in Tahrir

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Calling All Egyptians for Million-Man March and Rally Saturday in Tahrir

In many million-man marches and demonstrations, the Egyptian people called for revolutionary action in order to achieve the demands of the glorious January 25 revolution, including retribution for Martyrs and the wounded, cleansing the country of former regime cronies and senior officials, speeding up the completion of the Constitution and rebuilding the state’s legislative institutions, so as to achieve stability, safety and security, to launch economic development programs and promote investment, which would bring the Egyptian citizen and the homeland progress and prosperity.

As usual, former regime remnants and holdovers thwart every achievement by the people on the path of democratization. This became most evident since the sacking of the parliament which was created through free and fair elections by 30 million Egyptians.

Then, we had persistent attempts to hinder the work of the charter-writing Constituent Assembly (CA) created on the basis of a popular referendum, as well as threats to dissolve the elected Shura Council (upper house of Egyptian parliament) and the elected CA.

This was clearly a plot to demolish all elected legislative institutions, disrupt the completion of the Constitution and stop the march of the desired democratic transformation of our new Egypt after its glorious revolution.

The democratically elected president has resolved to complete the march of democratization and the rebuilding of the state’s legislative institutions. Hence, he issued the supplementary and temporary Constitutional Declaration to help achieve those goals and protect those elected institutions from destruction.

We appreciate and respect the opinions and positions of all parties and national forces keen to serve the interests of the country in the context of diversity and party pluralism, with differences of opinion and commitment to peaceful protest and civilized demonstration.

Unfortunately, some agitators and former regime leftovers have exploited these political circumstances to mobilize numbers of thugs and criminals to disrupt peaceful demonstrations by organizing attacks on some Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters where they smashed and torched our offices.

This resulted in the martyrdom of a young Muslim Brotherhood member in Damanhur and injury of hundreds of citizens, as well as martyrdom of two other persons as a result of tension and violence associated with the demonstrations in general.

The Muslim Brotherhood, determined to safeguard the safety of the homeland and the people, chose to postpone its mass rally and demonstration in which it intended to exercise its right to express its opinion, in order to give full opportunity to others who want to express their opinion freely in Tahrir and any other place.

Now it has become clear who burns and destroys and seeks to confuse the political scene, and who keeps his hand and tongue from harming anyone and is keen on the safety, security and stability of the homeland.

To all the Egyptian people:

Recognizing your alertness and eagerness to serve your country, we invite you all to close ranks and stand together as one to confront all misinformation, agitation and subversion attempts witnessed by all, and endeavor to complete the process of democratic transformation.

We must defend Egypt’s identity and moral, social and legal frame of reference, especially since the CA has nearly finished writing the constitution, with the Egyptian people having the final say through the popular referendum ballot box.

We invite all our people, all parties and national forces keen to achieve the demands of the revolution, to participate in a "Legitimacy and Sharia" million-man march and rally on Saturday, December 1, 2012 in Tahrir Square – to support the legitimacy of the elected president, and to protect the gains of the revolution.

May God protect Egypt from all evil.

“Hold fast onto the rope of God, and be not divided among yourselves’ (Quran, 3:103).

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: November 28, 2012.