Muslim Brotherhood Statement Denounces Junta Brutal Aggression Against University Students

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Denounces Junta Brutal Aggression Against University Students

 Young people are the very soul of the nation, with their purity, idealism, courage and energy. Students are the beating heart of youth, while universities are the yards of science, patriotism and leadership – in civilized countries, under democratic regimes. However, in dictatorships run by a military junta, commanders and collaborators do their worst to crush the nation’s spirit and turn the people with all its youths and students into slaves. Those who refuse or defy, can only expect repression, terror, oppression and persecution, with hordes of police and hired thugs, and even the army, ready to break dissent. Persecution of university students these days is the most obvious example of coup brutality. Yet it will never break youths’ defiance.

Students, who along with fellow Egyptians buried their fear and hesitation in the January 25, 2011 Revolution, who have made great sacrifices for the Revolution’s success, who participated in protests rejecting the illegitimate military coup, who saw their fathers and brothers, their colleagues and professors, and even their mothers and sisters being slaughtered in cold blood by coup security forces in unspeakable massacres at the Republican Guard Club, the podium (Manasseh), in Rabaa, Nahda and Ramses squares, in Alexandria, Mansoura and many other cities across the country, and saw Egyptian towns and villages being stormed violently by invading terrorists, and thousands of Egypt’s most honorable sons and daughters, even children – boys and girls – being arbitrarily arrested, detained and tried with unjustified harshness – those students are not scared by the anti-demonstration law. They will persist in their peaceful struggle.

The putschists should realize that the crimes of breaking into university campuses in armored vehicles with hordes of police and army officers and soldiers, the killing of students in lecture rooms and yards of science, the arrest of students in university laboratories, and the violent attacks on members of faculty teaching staff, will only steel students’ resolve to wrest their freedom and regain their dignity.

Indeed, the blood of the martyrs and the incarceration of innocent students will fuel the Revolution and fan the fire that will burn the dictators and defeat the murderous coup.

Revolutionary students are determined to free their homeland from the yoke of the military junta who caused their country’s continued failure in every aspect and on all levels in over sixty years of military rule, and – as the coup commander recently said – still insist on keeping the country in the same tragic situation for another forty years of underdevelopment and criminal negligence.

States do not progress unless every citizen is granted freedom, dignity and rights, and until sovereignty belongs to the people in a real democracy, not to a handful of military commanders who rule with iron and fire.

We condemn the brutal crimes committed by the police and thugs against peaceful students expressing their opinions and demanding the rights of the people and their own rights. Police confronted them with deadly force, killing and wounding dozens.

We offer our sincere condolences to the Egyptian people, especially the families of the martyrs who lost their loved ones, reminding them that they died in the cause of God, for the sake of the dear homeland’s freedom.

We pray to God Almighty for a speedy recovery for the injured. We also urge students and all loyal citizens to continue and escalate their peaceful protest activities until the coup is totally defeated, the people breathe the air of freedom, and the way is paved for progress of the nation.

No right will be lost, if chased persistently. Victory comes with persistence and patience.

Indeed… "God has full control of all affairs, but most people do not know."

The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: December 11, 2013