Muslim Brotherhood Statement Hails All Revolutionary Protesters

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Hails All Revolutionary Protesters
To all patriotic revolutionary protesters throughout the homeland…
Your revolutionary action, and the people’s positive participation in it in all the governorates of Egypt, has proved that repression, intimidation, junta terror and the vast armies of coup tanks, soldiers and weapons did not weaken your revolutionary will and cannot stop your revolutionary progress that today gained new grounds and debunked the junta’s claim that its armed forces can stop the rising revolutionary tide – in its eighteenth month across the homeland now.
The Muslim Brotherhood salutes all the revolutionary protesters who came out today (Friday) to complete their Revolution and defend their national identity, deriving strength from their faith in their Lord and their defense of their right to live in freedom, human dignity and social justice.
Indifferent to the financial crisis raging in Egypt, the flight of investors and the millions of unemployed people, the military junta has cost Egypt billions of pounds in bolstering its ranks with armored vehicles and tanks to be used against the people in an unprecedented military campaign of terror. Today, all this proved to be in vain – a complete failure in the face of the patriotic people’s Revolution.
With your continued commitment to non-violence today, you challenged the hordes of armed junta militias in all parts of Egypt, proving that the Revolution will soon be victorious and the coup will be ended. This drove the junta to attack peaceful demonstrations in the heart of Cairo, as witnessed by the whole world.
The Muslim Brotherhood affirms that the growing revolutionary movement, which proved the junta’s failure in dividing the protesters, dictates that all parties and partners of the Revolution unite under national action which accommodates everyone in order to achieve the objectives of the Egyptian Revolution.
Your peaceful struggle, your sacrifices and courage have shattered the shackles and burst the junta’s illusions. Persist in your revolutionary action and your peaceful approach. Tomorrow we await the outcome of the trial of ousted Mubarak and his cronies. All January 25 revolutionaries should unite against those who conspire to hijack and abort the Revolution.
The Muslim Brotherhood also pays tribute to the souls of all those killed by junta forces. May God accept them as martyrs. We pray for them, and for a speedy recovery for the injured. We believe God will grant us victory and help us defeat the oppressors.
The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.
The Muslim Brotherhood
Friday – November 28, 2014