Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marks Tenth of Ramadan 1393AH War Anniversary.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marks Tenth of Ramadan 1393AH War Anniversary.

To military commanders: Go back to your barracks

Wednesday is the 44th anniversary of the Ramadan 10, 1393AH (October 6, 1973) war, in which Egyptian soldiers and officers chanted the Islamic "Allahu Akbar" [Arabic for Allah is Great] as they marched across enemy defenses. That was a victory that erased the scenes of humility which followed the defeat of June 5, 1967. It was a war where Egyptian men were armed with faith, before arms and munitions, their military doctrine clear, and with thunderous "Allahu Akbar" achieved victory on that day.

On that day, enemy fortifications and obstacles did not prevent Egyptian military champions from crossing the water barrier (the Suez Canal), and break through the tough "Bar Lev Line" in just a few hours, thanks to the power of faith in their hearts. This victory had positive repercussions on the image of Arabs and Muslims throughout the world, and on our belief in our ability to own our will and achieve victory over our enemy.

However, the situation has changed today, regrettably, after Sisi’s and the army commanders’ traitorous coup-d’état, which trampled democratic legitimacy and the Egyptian people’s will. The army substituted its mission of guarding the border and defending the homeland with that of breaking the will of the nation, collusion with the Zionist enemy, laying siege to the people of Gaza, committing horrific massacres of thousands of Egyptians in public squares and streets (for demanding legitimacy and respect for popular will). The military coup commanders have been engaged in an escalating campaign against the people of the Sinai peninsula, displacing them, killing many whole families, in barbaric bombardment, on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

With the change in the doctrine of the army and its coup against legitimacy and the January 25 Revolution’s achievements, rampant corruption prevailed in a ferocious unprecedented way, with the military leaders running a wide system to control Egypt’s wealth, territories, institutions and capabilities, at the expense of the impoverished people, with no control or oversight whatsoever.

The Muslim Brotherhood remembers with reverence and pride the victory of the war heroes of Ramadan 10 (October 6), and prays for mercy for the martyrs of the brave. The Brotherhood also sends its most sincere greetings, with reverence and appreciation, to the martyrs and those injured in the January 25 (2011) Revolution, and to the honorable patriots who remain steadfast in coup prisons, including President Mohamed Morsi, the leader of the Revolution.

On this occasion, the Brotherhood affirms its determination to press ahead, with all the free Egyptian people, on the path of peaceful revolution, until military rule is finally ended, the army returns to its barracks and its only mission: defense of the homeland, and democratic legitimacy is reinstated, especially Egypt’s elected President Mohamed Morsi.

We continue to call on patriotic commanders, leaders and officers of the Egyptian army to return to barracks and to accept the people’s decision and choice, so the people of Egypt can enjoy living a decent life in a civil state, a modern democracy, which respects the Egyptian identity, history and the rights of all Egyptians, and builds its own future independently, with its own free will.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – June 15, 2016 (Ramadan 10, 1437AH)