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  • October 7, 2015
  • 5 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marking 43rd October War Anniversary

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marking 43rd October War Anniversary
This year, the forty-second anniversary of the October (1973) War witnesses the setback experienced by Egypt today, the betrayals and crimes committed by supposedly Egyptian army generals. Whereas Egypt’s army and its men did make great sacrifices for this homeland, junta traitors now kill the homeland’s  youth and its future, in collaboration with the Zionist occupier – to subjugate our nation.

The Egyptian army’s great leaders Abdel-Moneim Riad, Saad El-Din Al-Shazly, Mohamed Gamassi, Abdel-Halim Abu-Ghazala, Ibrahim Al-Rifai and many others fought many battles of liberation and steadfastness. All they did for the homeland is now being laid to waste by the treachery of a handful of traitors who signed a Peace or Surrender accord that brought back a piece of Egyptian land but lost the country its sovereignty – not over Sinai only, but over the entire Egyptian State, with the homeland falling under the control of the Zionist enemy.

The traitor Al-Sisi and leaders of the military today are committing a horrid crime, killing an entire nation. Sisi is even calling for the expansion of the Camp David ‘surrender’ accord between Egypt and the Zionist entity to include broader Arab participation. He is doing his worst in the blockade against Gaza, flooding its borders with seawater and displacing residents of Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid. Furthermore, he is gleefully quiet about ongoing Zionist atrocities in Jerusalem. He announced his support for the Russian occupation of Syria and for the despot Bashar Al-Assad. All these are unequivocal evidence of Sisi betrayal of Egypt and its people.

The heroism witnessed in October 1973 was wasted by the corrupt traitors who sold the homeland to the Zionists, reopened the enemy’s embassy, sold them Egypt’s gas at ridiculously low prices, handed them the oil fields in the Mediterranean Sea, opened the Sinai for them to enter without a visa, and let them control and wreak havoc in the Nile’s primary sources.

In the Sinai, the generals are killing men, women and children claiming they are terrorists, seeking to spill the blood of both Egyptian army troops and the people of Sinai, and to sow hostility between the two sides.

Forty-two years have passed since the October War, during which heroism was transformed into a major setback, and as a result, the whole nation is lost. We stress that there is no solution except through the ousting of these traitors, agents and lackeys of the Zionist enemies. The homeland will not forge forward or progress except after it is freed of the occupiers and their henchmen. We hope this will be soon.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Tuesday – October 6, 2015