Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Abbassiya Events, Atrocities and Arrests

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Latest Abbassiya Events, Atrocities and Arrests

The Muslim Brotherhood, shocked and dismayed at the Abbassiya clashes, would like to clarify their position in the following points:

The sanctity of blood in Islam is greater than the sanctity of the most sacred Kaaba. Hence, we condemn the brutal killing of dozens of martyrs and the atrocious wounding of hundreds of protesters.

The responsibility for these dead and wounded falls on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as the military ruler currently managing the affairs of the country and therefore has the duty of protecting citizens. Sharing this responsibility also is the Interior Ministry which has duties of public security, since security apparatus know the thugs and are equipped to face them in accordance with law.

While dozens of protesters were arrested, brought to military trials, sentenced and jailed in less than 24 hours, not a single thug has been arrested for killing peaceful protesters in the past two days, which is baffling and shocking.

We affirm the right of citizens to peaceful protest and sit-ins without attacking people or public or private property or government institutions whether civilian or military.

– The arrest of women is a reprehensible and abhorrent action. It is unreasonable to hold them responsible for attacking individuals or institutions. Hence, we demand the immediate release of all female detainees.

We strongly condemn aggression and atrocities against journalists and media personnel who were detained and referred to the military prosecutor while engaged in their professional duty. Hence, we demand their immediate release.

We further condemn brutality and attacks on medical workers in the field hospital where doctors and their assistants were performing noble humanitarian acts rescuing the injured. They deserve to be honored, not arrested, interrogated and imprisoned.

– We also condemn the aggression against the house of God (Nour Mosque) and the arrest of people from within, especially the great Sheikh Hafiz Salama, the popular resistance hero of Suez, who at ninety years of age was not released except after lengthy and arduous mediation efforts.

– We denounce the referral of civilians to the military prosecutor. Most of those arrested were in the streets and mosques out and away from military institutions. Hence, we demand that they should at least be quickly transferred to the Public Prosecution.

We make a clear distinction between the Egyptian army on the one hand, and SCAF on the other. For the latter is responsible for managing the affairs of the country in this period of transition. The political dispute with SCAF does not at all mean any disagreement with the armed forces. Those are the people’s army, their sons, their brothers and protectors. The people value and appreciate and support them by all means physical and moral.

Finally, we reaffirm that Egyptian blood is a red line that all officials and citizens must respect as inviolable. “Whoever kills a human being, except as punishment for murder or for causing turmoil in the land, so it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and whoever saves the life of one person, is as if he had saved the life of all mankind”, Holy Quran (5:32).

To the great Egyptian people: Persist with resolve and determination to achieve victory for the great revolution and to attain its goals. Commit to protect it from any counter coup.

To all Egypt’s national parties, forces and stakeholders: We must all unite and close ranks, and to put principles high above personal or partisan interests, for the sake of advancement of the country and in order to achieve the goals agreed upon by the great people of this homeland.

To the media: Do investigate the truthfulness of the news you publish or broadcast. Do commit to objectivity in the handling of the issues you report. Do respect the will of the people and the professional ethics of journalism.

To the ruling Military Council: The people have given their trust to you, as you announced a speedy transfer of power to freely elected civilians in accordance with a clear timetable, according to your pledge to them to strengthen their unity and protect their revolution and reaffirm their dignity during the transitional period. That is your responsibility before God and also before the people and history. That means you must reveal all the facts in all the events that took place recently, and to achieve the goals and the demands of the revolution, and to block any attempts to reproduce the former regime with all clarity, transparency and integrity.

May God protect Egypt from all evil, guide its people to good fortunes, and remove all crises and distress.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: May 5, 2012