Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Mubarak Trial Verdicts

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Mubarak Trial Verdicts

The ruling, earlier today, Tuesday June 2, in the case of killing of demonstrators in Egypt’s January 25 revolution was shocking to the families of the martyrs and indeed to all the Egyptian people.

Once again the questions are heard: who killed the martyrs, then, if the leaders and commanders of police are innocent?

If the evidence before the court is not sufficient, government authorities and officials who concealed or destroyed evidence must be tried for those crimes and for refusing to provide evidence to the public prosecutor in spite of formal request for evidence and relevant information, as stated by prosecutors in court.

This failure to provide available incriminating evidence is nothing but a cover-up for those serious crimes, a humiliating and horrendous waste of the pure blood of the martyrs, an obstacle thrown in the way of establishing truth and justice, assistance for murderers and criminals to evade fair punishment, and a chain that shackles the hands of judges so they cannot rule with justice.

Indeed, the verdicts successively issued acquitting police officers accused of killing martyrs send a message to these officers and others to continue their oppression and aggression against the citizens to the point of murder, and that they are safe in the protection of the system.

Today’s ruling means that the head of the regime and the Interior Minister only have been toppled. Meanwhile, the rest of the system is completely intact.

We are beginning to doubt the possibility of recovering the enormous moneys stolen and smuggled abroad by the heads of the old regime.

This ruling has indications and repercussions on the ground throughout the country and its political future. The Egyptian people must recognize the great danger which threatens their revolution, their hopes and aspirations, and lies to waste the pure blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices the whole nation made.

We call all revolutionary and political players and stakeholders to an emergency meeting to agree on what actions need to be taken to face up to this serious event.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: June 2, 2012