Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Unfolding Conspiracy Against January 25 Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Unfolding Conspiracy Against January 25 Revolution

While Egyptians were deeply shocked and saddened for the loss of our children, the patriotic soldiers who were murdered in the Sinai, victims of treachery and treason, and as symbols of the Egyptian people attended the funeral of the honorable martyrs, certain individuals used these tragic circumstances as a weapon in their political fight, to incite sedition within the one nation, to incite subversion and violence, to serve only their own narrow interests.

Those dubious characters even mobilized a number of thugs who attacked national symbols in a despicable manner without regard for the sanctity of the occasion and the magnitude of the catastrophe and the dignity of the martyrs.

For a while now, we have witnessed such dubious characters come out through the media, inciting violence, devastation and destruction, even murder. Ultimately, they’ve called for shedding the blood of the recently elected President himself and for torching the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

They had the audacity to even set a specific date for that evidently criminal violence, and announced it. Meanwhile, it is quite absurd that all formal complaints lodged with Egypt’s Public Prosecutor against this blatant incitement have been so far blocked or delayed.

We do not know exactly who is behind this failure. However, the Muslim Brotherhood does not want to be dragged into violence. It, therefore, urges the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecution Service to shoulder their responsibility and appropriately address this crime.

Blaming all Egypt’s long-standing as well as recent troubles on the Muslim Brotherhood, including the latest border incident in the Sinai, those characters ignore the fact that the Muslim Brothers sacrificed and will always be ready and willing to sacrifice everything for the people of Egypt and the sands of this homeland.

Those advocates of violence and vandalism also ignore the ongoing investigation and make unsubstantiated accusations against those who disagree with their political views and visions, especially if they happen to be Islamists.

The assassination of our soldiers  on the border near Rafah has proved beyond doubt the need for our military to focus on its core mission and duties, to protect the country and its borders, and the need to reconsider the Camp David Accords.

Egypt now needs to implement the law firmly against the instigators of vandalism and subversion throughout the land and against their collaborators and agents involved in causing this deliberate confusion, chaos and mayhem across Egypt under the pretext of exercising freedom. Freedom is innocent of their claims, their crimes.

In conclusion, we ask our Egyptian brothers and sisters in all provinces to pray for the souls of our martyrs, our heroes, after the forthcoming Friday prayers and to look after their families.

We urge the honorable patriotic people of Egypt to reject the calls for subversion and sabotage, to stand up to them, and to report them to authorities, in order to promptly stop them.

We call upon our great Egyptian people to rally around the revolution and its goals, around the President and his government, to implement Nahda program of real and comprehensive renaissance and reform.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – August 8, 2012