Muslim Brotherhood Statement on December 8 Denounces Anti-Morsi Violence and Vandalism

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on December 8 Denounces Anti-Morsi Violence and Vandalism

As the Muslim Brotherhood deeply mourns its martyrs, it affirms the basic principles of its peaceful message and mission which upholds the higher interests of the homeland above all private interests.

The group reiterates its commitment to abiding by the law and its respect for and reliance upon dialogue as a means for effective communication. But through its long history, the Brotherhood never flinched from making necessary sacrifices for Islam and the interest of the homeland.

What is happening now in the name of the opposition does not have anything to do with the right to demonstrate peacefully and to express differing visions and discourses. Because those who burn, destroy and assault others commit serious crimes against this homeland and the people that will not lapse with time.

Failure to accept and obey popular will when differences arise, attempting to falsely reverse facts, claiming exclusive representation of the people, using thugs and corruption money plundered from the homeland and the people, seeking to oust legitimately elected institutions – all for the purpose of disrupting the political scene and derailing the process of democratic transformation, stability and security in the country – all these blatant attempts have been uncovered and documented.

The Muslim Brotherhood is fully confident that Egypt, with its great people and its legitimate institutions, will get beyond this critical stage soon. The Brotherhood call upon all patriotic people and political forces to act conscientiously and sincerity, to uphold public interest higher than personal purposes, to accept the others’ opinion, and to move ahead with the referendum, so as to end the transitional phase in Egypt, and to respect legality and legitimacy, in order to build State institutions and achieve stability.

The Muslim Brotherhood has lost a group of the finest Egyptian youth, Brotherhood martyrs who passed away over the past few days, while hundreds more were wounded, and dozens of Brotherhood and FJP headquarters smashed up, vandalized and burnt.

All this will not defeat the Muslim Brotherhood – leadership or rank-and-file. Indeed, the Brotherhood reiterates that it is quite capable of protecting its premises and institutions. It can deter anyone who might contemplate attacking them, and will not stand idly by.

Muslim Brotherhood Martyrs in Itehadia Presidential Palace Clashes:

1. Mohamed Khallaf Issa – Cairo.

2. Mohamed Mamdouh Husseini – Cairo.

3. Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed – Sharqiya.

4. Mohamed Farid Ahmed Salam – Menoufia.

5. Hani Mohammed Sanad – Dakahlia

6. Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim – Suez

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – December 8, 2012

Addendum: Since the time this statement was written, three more critically injured victims have lost their lives, raising total number of Muslum Brotherhood martyrs in recent attacks to nine.