• June 26, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Violent Attack on Helmi Mosque in Sharqiya Province

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Violent Attack on Helmi Mosque in Sharqiya Province

 On Tuesday evening, Ibrahimiya city, in Sharqiya Province, was the scene of indiscriminate acts of wanton violence and terror committed by thugs and criminals hired by so-called political opposition that adopt uncivilized violent approaches in order to cause chaos and confusion and disrupt Egypt’s march of democratic transformation.

In a weekly religious class at Helmi mosque, attended this Tuesday by Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, people inside the mosque were surprised to see more than three hundred hired thugs carrying knives, sticks, pipes and rifles start throwing stones inside the mosque.

Soon, the thugs broke the glass of all the mosque’s windows and tried to get in to beat worshippers and those attending the weekly class who quickly barricaded themselves inside by closing the mosque’s doors and standing behind.

Then, the thugs attempted to smash down the doors of the mosque. So, people now trapped inside immediately called the police. Unfortunately, the Police arrived late. Using teargas, they dispersed the attacking thugs and freed all those who were inside the mosque.

In this attack, ten local residents as well as members of the Muslim Brotherhood were injured, one very seriously. Moreover, the glass of all the mosque’s windows was smashed and some of its windows and doors were completely damaged.

Then, just as everyone thought that was the end of the attack, they were surprised by the thugs heading to the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, in the same city. They broke into the office, looted all its contents, and vengefully ransacked the whole place.

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns this violence and vandalism and says as follows:

Those acts of violence, vandalism and terror of Tuesday evening in Ibrahimiya city expose the schemes being prepared by a powerless opposition in collaboration with corrupt remnants of the ousted regime in order to drag the country into a spiral of chaos and violence.

State apparatus must bear their responsibility and do their duty to protect citizens and property as well as the headquarters of political parties and all peaceful gatherings.

In conclusion, the Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its rejection of violence in all its forms and its confidence in the Egyptian people’s awareness and ability to thwart all plots and conspiracies being hatched against them and which aim to undermine security and stability.