Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

Since the ill-conceived military coup was mounted on July 3 2013, its commanders and forces have adopted a policy of bloody terrorism meant to scare people and to impose a fait accompli, which was totally rejected by the masses who came out in millions across Egypt and continued in rallies, sit-ins and demonstrations in all public squares and main streets, in support of constitutional legitimacy, for more than three weeks already.

Coup commanders ordered the killing of more than 100 peaceful protesters in front of the Republican Guard headquarters, where they also wounded more than a thousand innocent unarmed people and arrested over 800 others, treating them in the worst manner, following the unprecedented massacre of worshippers kneeling in dawn prayers.

This was preceded by another massacre in Alexandria, where 18 peaceful protesters were killed and hundreds others were injured.

The coup masterminds and cronies also oversaw a most reprehensible massacre in Ramses in Giza, where 7 unarmed civilian protesters were killed, hundreds fell wounded and hundreds more were arrested, as security forces lay siege to Al-Fateh Mosque – trapping hundreds more (mostly women and children who sought refuge in the mosque).

Earlier, many dozens more – of innocent civilian anti-coup protesters of all ages – were killed in defense of their public and private property.

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the Tenth of Ramadan victory, another mindless massacre of shame, treachery and disgrace was committed in Mansoura where three women and a young girl were killed in a peaceful demonstration calling for the return of constitutional legitimacy.

These women were attacked, murdered and wounded with bladed weapons, live bullets and attack dogs, as well as gas bombs, by police thugs, aided and abetted by security apparatus, who earlier killed three worshipers at a mosque in Mansoura.

These are horrendous crimes that even Israel would not dare commit in occupied Palestine. This is indicative of the bloody nature of the military dictatorship, the police state which the military coup is desperately trying to usher in.

Is it not time the deluded and the misguided realized their mistake?

We condemn these most horrid crimes and will hold to account for them the leaders of the military coup and the Interior Ministry, especially the Minister of Interior personally. For one thing, he is the senior official responsible for the protection of lives, and public and private property, for law enforcement and prosecution of outlaws, yet he announced that he will provide protection for the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in clear though indirect green signal to his sponsored mobs of thugs to attack, loot, vandalize and burn those headquarters – which is what happened in June 2013. We hold the coup masterminds and collaborators fully responsible for these crimes and massacres.

We assure that state-sponsored terrorism is not going to scare people; it will not discourage Egyptians from recovering their stolen revolution, their confiscated liberty, their trampled dignity, and restoring their usurped sovereignty – whatever the sacrifices.

The innocent women who died, martyrs for their country, have written with their precious blood shining pages of pride and glory for Egyptian women fighting for freedom and legitimacy. They have also written pages of shame and disgrace for those who profaned the blood of Egyptians, and did not even hesitate to spill the blood of women, in an unprecedented revisit to the pagan past.

We trust in God’s justice and await retribution from criminals, whatever their positions and ranks.

God bless our honorable martyrs, our departed brothers and sisters, may their blood illuminate their passage in the Hereafter, burn the heinous murderers, and water the tree of liberty in Egypt.

"Those who do wrong will soon come to know where they will end up." (Quran 26:227)

"Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do." (Quran 14:42)

"Do not ever think that those who are slain in God’s cause are dead; for in fact they are alive with their Lord, receiving sustenance." (Quran 3:169)

Prayers for the souls of martyrs will be performed in mosques all over Egypt’s cities and villages.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: July 20, 2013