Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

Since they mounted their traitorous coup against constitutional legitimacy, democracy and Egypt’s popular will, the putschists use every means to impose their control over the country, putting it under dictatorial military rule yet again.

Although opponents of the military coup have been strictly committed to peaceful resistance, demonstrations and vigils, the putschists used against them fierce and vengeful military and police campaigns that have already killed thousands of people, burning some of them alive, ruthlessly executing the wounded as they lay in their own blood, prevented ambulances from offering First Aid help, and burnt corpses and mosques, as well as many of such crimes against humanity that they committed against the people of their homeland and their people.

The putschists also used their castrato media henchmen in a frenzied campaign of lies and deliberate misinformation to demonize opponents of the coup, at the same time shuttering all the channels that would tell the truth.

Now, they are talking about subversive schemes ‘expected soon’ which they attribute (in advance) to peaceful opponents. Evidently, they have already made up incidents of violence, vandalism and sectarian strife, and falsely blamed them on peaceful demonstrators, as happened in the governorate of Giza and other locations.

We have repeatedly affirmed that our opposition is peaceful and will continue to be peaceful, safeguarding the security of our homeland, its institutions and facilities. We denounce all forms of violence, all acts of terrorism or sectarian strife. We strongly condemn all that.

We hold the putschist plotters and their thugs and police collaborators fully responsible for all violence and terrorism, sabotage and arson. They are only interested in grabbing power, to rule over the necks of the people and to sabotage their constitutional institutions.

"God does not love mischief-makers" (Quran, 5:64)

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: August 16, 2013