Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Authorities Banning Lawyer Visits to President Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Authorities Banning Lawyer Visits to President Morsi

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The coup leaders kidnapped the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi and held him hostage from the first day of their portentous putsch, believing that this eliminates popular and constitutional legitimacy. However, realizing that the people are determined to reinstate legitimacy, popular will and the people’s sovereignty, the putschists thought forced disappearance will make the President step down.

Surprised by his determination, resilience and steadfastness, the junta listed numerous accusations, in order to bring President Morsi to trial. Some of the charges they laid against him had already been investigated and rejected by the Presidential Elections Committee. Some others are described by international human rights organizations as laughable and illogical.

During the six months since the coup, until now, no-one from the President’s family was allowed to visit him except only once; and his lawyers were allowed a visit only once, also. Although these obtained official permits from the prosecutor to visit President Morsi, the coup’s Interior Ministry rejected all requests for visits.

Now, as the second session of the farcical trial approaches, the prosecutor refused to allow lawyers to visit the abducted President. This made us most concerned for President Morsi, and raised many questions: Where is the President? How well is he treated? How is his health? And why are the coup authorities hiding him from his family and lawyers? This certainly is cause for concern, especially with rumors circulating about his safety and well-being.

What is happening is a violation of human values ​​and religious rules and legal principles. Have all the coup’s regime officials turned their backs to all these values and principles?

Only a few months ago, the United Nations Secretary-General and a number of foreign government officials boldly condemned the arrest of certain political activists in Egypt, who were legally convicted of specific crimes. Now, however, they are tight-lipped about the arrest and detention of the legitimate President of Egypt and the ban on visits from his family and lawyers. This is most unfortunate.

We hold the coup leaders, the military-installed government and the prosecutor fully responsible for the safety of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi. His family and his lawyers must be allowed to visit him. He must be seen by his people. It is our right to be reassured about our legitimate President.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: January 5, 2014