Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Farcical Natrun Trial of Legitimate President

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Farcical Natrun Trial of Legitimate President

 The overwhelming complex of lawlessness or illegitimacy still plagues the coup commanders and collaborators, no matter what elections or referenda they conduct, because legitimacy is from the people, who refuse to give it away by force of arms, even under cover of fake elections. The putschists also have another complex: morbid loathing of the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

Trying to hide both complexes at once, they put the country’s elected President on a farcical show-trial, on the third anniversary of the Revolution, so it would be a ‘real’ trial of the Revolution and its ultimate national symbol, and an attempt to usurp legitimacy from the first civilian President. However, original fabricated accusations were absurdly comic and ridiculously implausible. Therefore, they brought three more false charges against him, to besiege legitimacy from all sides.

With regard to the farcical trial, we say as follows:

1. The trial is unconstitutional and illegitimate. It is bad for Egypt, the judiciary and judges, as it involves them in political account settling, away from the rule of justice.

2. Such show-trials evidently show the putschists’ fear of the legitimate President, even though he is an unarmed man they are holding hostage. This is because he represents the truth, has legitimacy, and is supported by the people, all of which the putschist usurpers lack drastically. So, they announced the show-trial would be broadcast on live TV. Then, fear prevented them from broadcasting the false trial. Later, they aired a carefully selected clip from a state institution.

However, it showed the President strong as a lion, steadfast, unperturbed, with his head held high. He addressed the judge in a powerful manner, despite the inhuman treatment coup authorities dealt him, bringing him to the courtroom fifteen hours before the session started, in order to film him looking weak and tired. But he appeared strong and resilient. They also surrounded the dock with sound-proof glass barriers so no-one could hear his voice. This, however, inspired revolutionaries and doubled their resilience, steadfastness and pride.

3 – As for the evidence in this sham trial, all observers affirmed those were ridiculous. The putschists claimed that seventy Palestinians entered Egypt from Gaza through underground tunnels, and occupied 60-kilometer long borders, when in fact the  borders do not exceed 14 kilometers to start with.

Then, they claimed those Palestinians stormed the notorious high-security most fortified Abu-Zaabal, Marg and Wadi Natrun prisons, released all prisoners, and seized livestock and poultry! Then, those invaders returned to Gaza along with three officers they kidnapped, without anyone challenging them!

The question is: Where was Egypt’s army and the intelligence agencies that are now known to have recorded all political activists’ calls during the Revolution – around the same time those prison breaks were supposed to have happened?

Furthermore, this suggests that Zionist forces, for example, can occupy the whole of Egypt with a few tanks.

The prosecution detailed the names of 130 suspects, including about 100 foreigners. It failed to explain how it came up with those names. Did the putschists check those suspects’ passports? Did those have entry visas? Moreover, some of the suspects so declared have been in Israeli prisons since 1996, while some had died before the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

The whole affair is a futile exercise in vengeful courtroom clowning and derision, especially since this same case had already been dealt with at the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC), which concluded that it was based on false accusations.

Such pointless farces, which they call trials, will only increase the people’s determination to overthrow the military-led regime, which trampled all legal, religious and human values​​ and principles, and made Egypt an object of ridicule in the whole free world. These tragi-comedies will steel the revolutionaries’ resolve to restore Egypt to the leading position it deserves among the nations of the world.

God is Great.

Praise be to God.

Long live the Revolution, from strength to strength.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: January 29, 2014