Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Leaked Audios Warns Against Coup Violence

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Leaked Audios Warns Against Coup Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood followed reports by Egyptian and international media about supposedly leaked audio recordings of conversations by the leaders of the military coup that trampled Egyptian popular will. Despite the seriousness of these statements, they were not so much of a surprise to the Egyptian people. Those who have no qualms about spilling the blood of innocent citizens and raping honorable women, have no respect for the law or military honor.

In its media, the military junta celebrates these crimes and sees their brutality and treachery a model for the rest of the people to follow. At the same time, the junta denies those crimes before the courts which have themselves become a global example of the total collapse of the values of justice and retribution.

These leaks prove criminal complicity in heinous crimes of betrayal of the elected President. In fact, all the constitutions of Egypt through its long history can only describe this as a crime of treason by all those involved. Indeed, this is exactly what the Revolution intends to do, once victorious. It will deal the culprits the punishment they evidently deserve.

As usual after every junta disaster or crime exposed, the coup commanders and collaborators resort to acts of violence, vandalism and bombings, to cover up. We, therefore, warn the gang that rules over the Egyptian people by sheer force against committing any crimes in Cairo or elsewhere.

While the military junta strives to cover up its crimes, it is escalating its ferocious and relentless campaign against the honorable and great scholars of the nation, the last of whom was Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi as well as the most patriotic citizens in this homeland against whom coup judges issued mass execution sentences. This is the approach adopted by all bloody dictators throughout history. They are offended by the voice of conscience and the truth uttered by true scholars.

We condemn international bodies that failed to chase criminals whose evident massacres of the Egyptian people were thoroughly documented in video and audio recordings, but do chase a most honorable scholar respected by the whole nation for his great knowledge and hard work, based on requests by criminals who trample their own people’s democratic will.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Tuesday – December 9, 2014