Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into a spiral of chaos using all tactics of repression, murder and torture.

After the coup’s notorious security apparatuses, with their inhuman tools of murder, oppression and torture, failed to break the resilience and the will of the Egyptian people, the coup commander is exploiting the judiciary as a weapon in the battle against popular will and the democratic and revolutionary legitimacy represented by President Mohamed Morsi.

The ruling military gang is thus pouring oil on the fire of public anger. If the military junta and its loyal judges did not stop trampling the will of the people and their right to choose their leaders, disastrous consequences may indeed push the country into a dark tunnel.

President Mohamed Morsi is a product of the people’s Revolution. He represents the will of patriotic Egyptian revolutionaries who have been flooding the streets and squares of Egypt non-stop for 22 months now. Every free citizen of the Egyptian people owes the legitimate President a pledge that they will never abandon.

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the legendary steadfastness of President Morsi and the heroic resilience and devotion of the revolutionaries. The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates that its defense of President Morsi is indeed for the rights of the Egyptian people, their independence, freedom, dignity and the right to self-determination, not a defense of persons or positions. The Muslim Brotherhood believes that there is no room for compromise on these rights.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the masses of the Egyptian people to join non-stop revolutionary marches and demonstrations in all the streets of Egypt beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, in defense of their usurped will, for the restoration of legitimacy that the military junta has trampled, for solidarity and support for their legitimate President, having given him their trust in the only free and fair presidential elections Egypt ever witnessed throughout its history.

We will continue to honor our pledge

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Monday – April 20, 2015