Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Cold-Blooded Assassination of Its Leaders Wednesday

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Cold-Blooded Assassination of Its Leaders Wednesday

While armed militias kill dozens of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai with ease as if the Sinai was devoid of any real military presence, the traitorous coup regime assassinated a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders, members of the committee on legal, rights and psychological support to the families of prisoners and martyrs (group members who had been murdered or arrested and detained by the criminal coup authorities).

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses that the assassination of its leaders is a significant development with serious repercussions, with which the criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi is laying the foundations for a new phase where it will not be possible to control the anger of the oppressed who will not accept to be so executed in their homes among their families.

The group further stresses that its martyrs, assassinated by the traitorous coup commander’s criminal militias, had been detained inside a house and then killed in cold blood without any investigations or charges. Thus Egypt is transformed into a State of outlaw gangs.

The Muslim Brotherhood denounces violence and murder, in the Sinai and elsewhere. It holds the criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang fully responsible for these crimes and their consequences.

Assassination of Egypt’s finest men, such as Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Ibrahim, head of the committee on support to the families of prisoners and martyrs of the group; legal professional and parliamentarian Nasser Al-Hafi, head of the group’s legal committee; and other leading members, pushes the situation onto a very dangerous curve and makes the entire scene highly volatile. This reminds the whole world of its responsibility towards the crisis into which Egypt is being forced, as plotted by the heinous murderer Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

The criminal Al-Sisi did not stop at dragging the homeland towards a fateful end, by issuing fascist laws to facilitate mass executions of those who reject the military coup, but turned to the assassination of honorable patriotic people in their homes. Their pure blood will be a curse on these murderers.

The homeland where all this injustice and oppression abound forces its honest citizens to move in serious endeavors to rid it of the despotic murderers who assassinate the honorable.

To the proud people of Egypt… This unjust tyrant has done his worst. Rise in revolt to defend your homeland, your lives and your children. This murderer is now executing the largest and most horrid massacre against this homeland. Oust the heinous murderer. Destroy the castles of injustice and tyranny. Reclaim Egypt once again.

God’s mercy on the martyrs

Victory for the revolutionaries

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – July 1, 2015