Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Iran-Russia Invasion of Syria

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Iran-Russia Invasion of Syria

Amidst an international conspiracy against the Arab World, and Islamic identity as mainstream Sunni Muslims, courageous Syria and its great men stand steadfast in a historic battle against the Russian and Iranian occupiers and their criminal partner Al-Sisi.

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its full support for the Syrian people and the revolution against the treacherous Alawite criminal Bashar Al-Assad. The group refuses ongoing endeavors to divide Syria under the auspices of the Mullahs of Iran, the Czars of Russia and the criminal Zionists, with Arab blessing assisted by the heinous Al-Sisi.

The Brotherhood stresses that the continuation of the Russian and Iranian occupation of Syria means matters will get even worse, with the resistance seen in Chechnya and Afghanistan repeated with tragic consequences for Tehran, Moscow and their allies.

The group further stresses that this Iranian Russian invasion does not seek to face up to the ‘Islamic State’ as declared in the media, but aims to suppress the real revolutionaries fighting Bashar’s sectarian repressive regime. It also stresses that the US position is part of the strategy of repression against the Syrian revolution. The US’s exceedingly ‘soft’ criticism of the Russian aerial bombardment of Homs and other towns and villages is simply a part of its effort to hide its ugly face.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the free world to support Syria so it would not become another Iraq, Afghanistan or Chechnya. The group warns that this occupation by Russia, Iran and their allies is bound to create a hostile environment along sectarian lines that will plague the whole world.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – October 4, 2015