Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prisoners’ Day

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prisoners’ Day

The Prisoners’ Day, on April 17, is no longer a day for Palestinian prisoners alone. It has become an important occasion for the hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters languishing in the prisons of tyranny across the Arab World, including more than 60,000 men and women, young and old, and even children, held in the treasonous military coup regime’s prisons.

While 20% of the Palestinian people tasted the bitterness of jail life and detention at the criminal hands of the Zionist occupier, the same atrocities afflict the people in Egypt, with thousands arrested, and many more jailed or executed following farcical trials, whether civilian or military.

Even the most casual observer, looking at the current tragic scene, on the Prisoners’ Day, cannot fail to see the unprecedented paradoxes. Compared to 27 prisons and detention centers in the Zionist entity, which hold more than 8,000 Palestinian prisoners, there are 45 prisons in Egypt today, as well as 382 detention centers, which hold about seven times the Palestinian number – of Egyptian prisoners of conscience, along with some 50 Palestinians; not to mention 307 cases of extrajudicial murder in cold blood. Moreover, many Egyptians died during torture. Shockingly, half of these Egyptian prisons were built by the military coup regime in the last three years.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Day celebrates the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and for the liberation of Palestinian land from Zionist occupation. The Egyptian people and all free peoples should make the Prisoners’ Day an effective uprising in solidarity with all prisoners, Palestinians and Egyptians, and in support of these oppressed detainees languishing behind bars, for no crime but their selfless devotion to defending the freedom and dignity of this nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes the steadfastness of the guiltless prisoners and detainees in Palestine and Egypt. The group reaffirms that it will continue the peaceful Revolution, along with all the people of Egypt, until the will of the Egyptian people is reinstated, and also democratic legitimacy, and until fair and prompt retribution is exacted for the blood of the martyrs and the wounded.

The moment of victory and freedom is near

The Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – Apr 17, 2016