Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Absurd Sentences in ‘Qatar Espionage’ Farce

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Absurd Sentences in ‘Qatar Espionage’ Farce

 Salute to Dr Mohamed Morsi, the President of Egypt

Salute to the steadfast patriots in the treasonous military coup’s jails

Salute to the unwavering protesters in the streets of Egypt until the triumph of the Revolution

A new farce was watched by the whole world today as death sentences and life imprisonment were dealt to the elected President of Egypt and a group of the finest Egyptians in the so-called Qatar Espionage case (for supposedly leaking state secrets to Qatar). Needless to say, these sentences are null and void. The sad truth is that since the July 3, 2013 coup, Egypt has been muddling through a treacherous series of farces in all fields: there is no law, no justice, no respect for human rights.

There is certainly betrayal, treason, bloodshed, repression and heinous horrific vengeance.

In this atmosphere of prevalent corruption, President Mohamed Morsi, his aides, Muslim Brotherhood leaders and the free and patriotic men and women of the January 2011 Revolution are tried on false charges trumped up by corrupt security apparatuses, given a thin veneer of legality by the junta’s judiciary, which turned into one of the ruling despots’ tentacles of repression, a means to take revenge from all the free, patriotic and honorable in Egypt.

The absurd sentences passed and finally confirmed Saturday – and other sentences and rulings – will not intimidate the innocent detainees in the traitorous coup regime’s prisons, and will never weaken the resolve of the patriotic revolutionaries in the streets, but will increase their resilience, forbearance, confidence in victory from God Almighty, and determination to bring down the military coup regime and reinstate the will of the free people of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood is confident that the military coup will certainly come to an end, no matter how long it takes. The patriotic Egyptian people’s Revolution will not stop until it fully achieves its objectives: reinstating democratic legitimacy, exacting retribution from the murderers, the oppressors and the corrupt, freeing all the innocent detainees, and restoring the free will of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Saturday – June 18, 2016