Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egyptian Islands Court Ruling.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egyptian Islands Court Ruling.

 The Administrative Court issued its ruling affirming Egypt’s entitlement to the red sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir sold by the treasonous coup regime in a traitorous deal that betrayed the people and the homeland.

Despite the sorry state of Egypt’s judiciary and its notorious politicization of rulings and verdicts, this is a painful slap on the face of the coup regime. It proves Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s betrayal of the soil of the homeland and the coup’s own Constitution, of which Article 151 totally prohibits the signing of any agreement or treaty that violates the provisions of the Constitution or entails the waiver of any part of the state’s territories – a ban that extends to the executive branch.

Needless to say, this despicable deal and other dubious military accords favor the Zionists directly. They reveal for the Egyptian people why the treasonous generals had to overthrow Dr Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian president elected by the people of Egypt, who has never sold off a grain of sand from the land of this homeland in exchange for any financial or political deals.
This ruling is a direct response to the unjust verdict issued a few days ago in the farce of ‘Qatar spying’ case which tried to throw doubt on the patriotism of Dr Morsi, Egypt’s legitimate President, and a group of the best and most patriotic Egyptians.

Also, this ruling proves that protesters had a right to demonstrate against the sale of the two islands, and therefore must be released immediately. (Coup security forces arrested dozens of islands protesters.)

In any case, the historic Golden Rule affirms that people are the true owner of the land and the homeland. The great Egyptian people have made it clear to the whole world that they strongly reject the dubious deal and considered it an act of treason – a betrayal of the homeland.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on all Egyptians to be vigilant and wary of the tricks of the heinous coup regime until it puts an end to  this deal.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the great Egyptian people also to intensify their peaceful protests in Egypt’s streets and squares, until this coup regime’s overthrow and the trial of its leaders.

The land of Egypt is dear, an integral part of Egypt’s honor. There is no way it could be bartered for the whole world’s riches. History teaches that the people of Egypt was always willing to sacrifice their lives in defense of their land. They uproot and discard into the dustbin of history all those who sell Egyptian soil.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Thursday – June 23, 2016.