Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Death Sentences
The Muslim Brotherhood continues to exert legal, political and popular efforts at local and international levels to ensure that all political detainees and those unjustly sentenced to death restore their full right to freedom. Foremost of those are sheikh Fadl Al-Mawla and the Mansoura youths who had death sentences against them upheld recently by an unscrupulous judge, notwithstanding conclusive surveillance camera evidence that proved their innocence by showing they were nowhere near the crime scene. Innocent also are the Port Said massacre youths who were used as scapegoats while the real culprits remain free, unpunished.

Throughout its history, the Muslim Brotherhood has spared no effort or resource to help the homeland rise and progress. We call on the wise, fair-minded people of Egypt and the people of conscience and principle in Egypt and throughout the world to intervene urgently to prevent the execution of these innocent youths and to stop the repeated loss of innocent lives. The country has been transformed by the criminal junta into a large funeral because of the repeated massacres killing thousands of innocent martyrs.

The curse of innocent blood will inevitably hang over the heads of the perpetrators. The eye of the Almighty God does not sleep.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Tuesday – June 13, 2017