Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Killing of 8 Innocents by Coup Forces

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Killing of 8 Innocents by Coup Forces

 While 26 Egyptian youths await execution, horrific crimes of torture and extrajudicial killings by the military junta’s forces in Egypt are escalating, with 8 innocent citizens killed in cold blood by so-called security forces in 24 hours.

Thus the criminal junta has turned Egypt’s streets and courts into death zones where massacres are committed by junta death squads or unjust judiciary.

Over few days, the military gang committed a series of gruesome murders, brutal torture and severe persecution against a number of young Egyptians, killing some in cold blood, sentencing some of them to death unjustly – in trials that lacked all elements of justice, and subjecting many detainees, young and old, to most atrocious systematic torture in prisons.

The heinous aim of these criminals is to drag the country into an endless bloody cycle of violence. We assure all members of Egypt’s army and police forces that the coup regime is endeavoring to implicate them in its crimes.

This criminal junta would not have committed all these massacres in cold blood without the regional and international support it has been getting, which has also been actively covering up and defending its crimes. Therefore, we urge everyone to assume their responsibilities, before they are held accountable before God almighty, the peoples and history. 

We affirm that we are continuing our revolutionary movement, steadfast in our principles, committed to the rights of the Egyptian people to freedom, justice, dignity and prosperity. We will not give up. We will not accept any substitute for the return of the democratic process and the free will of the people gained in the January 2011 Revolution.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Friday – June 23, 2017