Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Fourth Anniversary of July 2013 Military Coup in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Fourth Anniversary of July 2013 Military Coup in Egypt

The fourth anniversary of the July 3 (2013) military coup in Egypt comes amidst one of the most insidious acts of treachery committed against the homeland and the people. The coup commander formally ratified the agreement on the demarcation of the border between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, approved by the parliament of shame, giving away two Egyptian islands: Tiran and Sanafir, despite final court ruling indicating the two islands belong to Egypt.

There is no doubt that this concession opens the door to the Zionist entity’s domination of the Red Sea and even more expansion in the region.

The coup commanders betrayed Egypt in its most precious possessions – its land, its resources and wealth and its waters. They exposed Egypt to a severe shortage of water, and forcibly pushed it on from "normalization with the Zionist enemy" to direct collaboration with its leaders against the homeland and its interests.

This unfortunate memory comes as the traitorous coup commander deliberately scorches the Egyptians by raising the prices of energy and commodities in a reckless manner that negatively impact even those who were once deceived by him and his junta and supported them on that day of treachery.

This memory evokes the scene of the day when the military junta abducted Dr Morsi, the first elected civilian president in the history of Egypt after they besieged him for a whole year amidst their deep state, and endeavored to demonize him, setting upon him their media henchmen with a ruthless campaign of hatred and humiliation in a systematic manner.

Since that day, and over four years, the face of Egypt has changed, after the military junta has pushed it into a deep dark abyss. The homeland is still moving from bad to worse, after poverty has exhausted everyone, and the country has been plunged into heavy debts, with innocent blood spilt daily – which will continue to be a curse on the killers for generations to come.

History will remember for successive generations what they learn from the results of the events of that day and beyond:

• The military coup is a betrayal of the people, a waste of their will, a crushing of their dignity, a suppression of their freedom, a killing of their ambition, a waste of their dream, a disdain for the minds of their children, an abhorrence of their anger and contempt for their ability, a trampling of their rights and a shackling of their present.

• This coup is aimed at all segments of the Egyptian people. Those who pay for its continued rule are not only rejecters or opponents but the people of all classes. This evil will not stop with this generation alone, but will extend to affect generations that have not yet been born.

• The exposure of the reality of military rule, its bitter fruits, its injustice and its corruption that has reached the roots of the State, and its continuous quest to control the homeland’s resources and to sell it off for the benefit of the enemy.

• The pivotal moments of difficult challenges can drop the masks and expose the hidden souls, revealing the worst of what they have been hiding.

• Maintaining the tools of legal and peaceful change – whenever available – is more important than achieving personal or partisan gains.

• Partial commitment to principles and putting personal or partisan interests ahead of them is a shameful betrayal. The January 2011 Revolution needs great sacrifices on the ground, sacrifices that cannot be made by those who simply repeat grand slogans and use a colorful and deceptive discourse.

• One faction on its own, no matter how powerful and popular it may be, cannot achieve the desired change. The military junta would not have achieved success without their heinous skill in dispersing the people, segments of society and the various factions of the January 2011 Revolution.

• Every day that passes without resistance to military rule in Egypt is a new nail that strengthens its grip on power and encourages the junta to persist in their repression, injustice, looting and treason.

The Muslim Brotherhood stresses – on this occasion – that it has always been, and will remain, at the heart of the Egyptian Revolution – since January 25, 2011 and until the ultimate defeat of the military coup, despite all the sacrifices it made: thousands of martyrs and tens of thousands of detainees, and many more still being hounded or exiled.

The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates all national unity initiatives from all the groups that believe in freedom and reject tyranny and oppression, abhor bloodshed, seek to reinstate the will of the people, refuse to relinquish the gains of the January 2011 Revolution, and stand steadfast in the face of this fascist coup, out of the principles of firm belief.

These principle are as follows:

1. Peaceful resistance which uses every means available except armed conflict to break the coup, in order to preserve the blood of Egyptian citizens; not to be lured into civil war whatever happens; and to develop specific mechanisms for this non-violent resistance, while adhering to the movement of the enlightened masses of the Egyptian people.

2. Work on all axes, from the escalating field protests and actions, through the political, media, legal and human rights routes, to pursuing the putschists and coup commanders everywhere in the world, and utilizing all energies of the people, whether residing at home or abroad.

3. Adhering to legitimacy and the return of the legitimate elected president, Dr Mohamed Morsi. This is not a matter of clinging to the "throne" or "power". This is an inherent right of the people, one of the good fruits of the January 2011 Revolution.

4. To work continuously to exact fair and prompt retribution for all the martyrs and the wounded, to free all political detainees, to recover the looted funds and plundered wealth, and to stand firmly – through all legal, media and human rights paths – against the execution of all death sentences and to stop all violations committed in junta jails.

5. To annul all contracts, actions, loans, procedures, agreements, orders, decisions, deals and decrees signed or issued by the murderous coup commander Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi and his regime that harmed the country’s welfare and relinquished Egypt’s rights to its territories and water; and to establish the mechanisms necessary to remove all the effects of this military coup d’état.

6. Full commitment to the modern civil democratic state and the need for the army to return to its barracks and true mission of protecting the homeland and securing its borders.

The Muslim Brotherhood also affirms that it will continue its resistance to this traitorous coup, along with the Egyptian people, until it defeats and ousts the oppressive junta, holds to trial all its symbols, and makes Egypt proud and free.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – July 02, 2017