Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Legitimacy of the President, the Egyptian National Front

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Legitimacy of the President, the Egyptian National Front

At present, Egypt is passing through a dangerous phase of its history – from political tyranny, economic collapse and social unrest, to the breakdown of the security and justice system, corruption in all aspects of life, and a blundering regime that has imposed itself on Egypt and Egyptians by force of arms, betrayed the homeland, sold its land and its waters, and the homeland’s security.

In this perilous situation, there is certainly no alternative to national unity, bringing together all Egyptians, from across the political and social spectrum, to save the homeland from imminent and undeniable collapse, and cooperating to put an end to this treacherous military coup and oust the treasonous junta.

The Muslim Brotherhood is endeavoring to close ranks with all the political groups, and supports the efforts they have made to reach a declaration of the establishment of the Egyptian National Front based on the Principles of Joint Action and the provisions that call for the protection of national independence, reaffirm Egypt’s Arab and Islamic identity, reclaim the people’s dignity, commit to the principles of the January 25, 2011 Revolution and its achievements, and the urgently required unity of all stakeholders, loyalty to the martyrs and the achievement of fair and prompt retribution from all criminals, reparation, release of detainees, the exclusion of the army from interference in political and economic affairs, commitment to a peaceful non-violent approach, restoring the vitality of the society with all its institutions, and liberating it from the hegemony of the military.

The Principles of Joint Action document sets out areas of joint national action that can be taken to contribute to defeating the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president in the history of Modern Egypt.

We value all efforts in this regard, and we assure all of our commitment to reinstating legitimacy, foremost of which is the return of the elected President Mohamed Morsi, since legitimacy is the most important achievement of the January 25 Revolution. It also is a major demand for the revolutionaries now languishing behind bars as well as many segments of the Egyptian people. More importantly, it was the Egyptian people who made this legitimacy, through elections described by the whole world as truly free and fair.

Needless to say, our commitment to legitimacy is not – at all – a bias towards or an attempt to empower any particular group or political orientation. Nor is it an attempt to seek power or to hold onto it. It is resolve to reclaim the right of the people, which if abandoned – this time round – will open the door later to a series of endless concessions and compromises.

The Muslim Brotherhood is open to all, with hands extended, to cooperate with all those who oppose and reject the military coup to achieve these principles and the agreed approaches, while everyone – including the Muslim Brotherhood – maintains their own values and principles.

The Muslim Brotherhood also asserts that unity and cooperation is not limited to work with the political groups, but with all segments of Egyptian society that are increasingly rejecting the coup, despite any disagreement in details.

Working under a general umbrella, managing the transitional phase in a harmonious co-operative way is an indisputable necessity. Everyone now realizes that national responsibility at this stage requires us to rally all together around the most important national goal of saving the homeland, recovering the gains of the January 2011 Revolution and achieving democracy on the basis of justice and equality. This will hasten the ultimate end of the military coup, God willing, and achieve all Egyptians’ hopes and aspirations.

Let us work together, with God’s blessing, until ultimate victory.

Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday – July 4, 2017