Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Price Hikes

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Recent Price Hikes


The Muslim Brotherhood opposes the government"s decision to raise fuel prices which will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the majority"s living standards who are already suffering from soaring prices that threaten social stability.


The MB stresses that the government has deceived the people by announcing a 30% raise prior to May 4 strike, then suddenly adding to people"s sufferings by increasing prices to cover the raise.


The MB warns against the rising Egyptian public discontent that may lead to disasters. The country is already plagued by tyranny, corruption, political stagnation, low income, and public frustration.


The MB calls on the government to start benefiting from real resources to relieve the suffocating conditions of the people. The government should restore the country"s stolen wealth from business tycoons and punish the corrupt.


The MB calls upon all political currents and national forces to take instant measures that exert pressure on the government to withdraw this catastrophic decision.


The MB emphasizes that the nation’s suffering is primarily a crisis of a corrupt ruling regime, which necessitates the cooperation of all national efforts to rescue Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood