Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding Youth Massacre Outside Military Air Defense Stadium

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding Youth Massacre Outside Military Air Defense Stadium

 The latest junta crime, where military coup forces massacred Zamalek Club football fans outside the Air Defense Stadium, was as heinous as the events that followed. Coup authorities just let the game continue, the match played as normal, fully supported by the junta’s media henchmen, stripped of all conscience or humanity, who eagerly participated in this evidently premeditated crime.

The Muslim Brotherhood offers its sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs, asserting that things could never have reached this criminal level except for the presence of the traitorous ruling junta that only sees the Egyptians as hungry people, a burden on the military rulers, and holds that there is no room in Egypt for others beside the coup commanders and collaborators. The junta believes the people’s voice must not be heard; nor should they attempt to watch a football match.

The evil hand that killed the martyrs of Port Said Stadium (February 2012) is the same criminal hand that killed the martyrs of the January 25 Revolution, Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the Cabinet Building, the TV building complex (Maspero), the Republican Guard Club HQ, the podium (Al-Manasseh), Rabaa Square, Nahda Square, Abu-Zaabal prisoner transportation van and other massacres. It is also the same cursed hand that killed the martyrs of the Air Defense Stadium – the hand of the military regime, the so-called ministry of interior, the coup regime’s criminal security apparatus.

The blood of all the martyrs will illuminate the darkness on the road of the Revolution, and cast the light on the criminal corrupt regime. The martyrs’ groans and their mothers’ prayers will continue to be a curse chasing all the murderers and criminals.

We reiterate our devotion and determination to restore the martyrs’ rights, for all those who died at the hands of the military junta since the January 25 Revolution. We call on all the Egyptian people to unite until we defeat and topple the bloody coup regime and wrest freedom for the people and freewill.

The Muslim Brotherhood