Muslim Brotherhood Statement Reiterates Commitment to January 25 Revolution, Goals

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Reiterates Commitment to January 25 Revolution, Goals

 The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its commitment to the revolutionary approach in the face of the military coup regime in Egypt, which abducted the legitimate President and sentenced him to death, killed protesters in streets and squares across the homeland, and violated all sanctities and codes of honor.

The group stresses that it has reached a final decision, after consulting its popular base, that the revolutionary option with all its means and mechanisms is its strategic choice from which there will be no retreat.

The group asserts that the statement issued by 150 of the nation’s scholars, which affirms that resisting injustice and oppression is an Islamic duty, is one of the main premises which confirmed the validity of the group’s approach in the struggle against injustice, tyranny and the illegitimate coup.

The group has gone through difficult circumstances since the bloody coup against the legitimate President, which prompted it to develop its structures and mechanisms of action to fit with revolutionary action for the elimination of the coup, through internal elections conducted in February 2014.

The group elected a crisis-management committee. This has exercised its duties and functions and supported the group’s steadfastness against military action until now. The result of this election is that Dr. Mohamed Badie continues as the group’s Chairman. Further, the group elected the crisis management committee head and a secretary general.

The group also elected executive office stuff for the management of Muslim Brotherhood affairs abroad, headed by Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, and promoted young leaders within its revolutionary work committees and structures to lead the group’s field work, relying more on the enthusiasm and strength of young people on the ground.

We assure that we held those elections – despite the ongoing vicious security campaign – with the knowledge and participation of all members of the Guidance Bureau and the group’s General Shura Council, without excluding any-one, in compliance with the regulations that govern the group’s work and the institutional decision-making process, in order to build a powerful revolutionary structure for the group to achieve the goals of the Revolution.

We affirm that the group’s institutions elected by its rules in February last year, is managing its affairs, and that the group’s media spokesman and media outlets are the only sources that represent the group and its views and stances.

The Muslim Brotherhood, with all its ranks, youth and leadership, is rallying around a single goal, the Revolution against injustice, to defeat the coup, restore legitimacy, exact retribution for the martyrs, and rebuild Egyptian society on sound and civilized basis.

Mohamed Montaser

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Thursday – May 28, 2015