Muslim Brotherhood Statement Rejects Bush’s Egypt Visit

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Rejects Bush’s Egypt Visit

Many parties in the Egyptian political landscape have condemned the planned visit of the US President George Bush to Egypt , expected to kick off within days as a part of the US President"s current tour in the Middle East . The Muslim Brotherhood group issued a statement in which it declared its rejection to this visit under the headline "No welcome to killers". 

Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman said in the statement issued on Saturday morning Jan, 12th, 2008, that The United States had adopted after the end of the Second World War many great values like justice, equality, democracy and human rights. However, the US administration has quickly become the only leader of the world and started to adopt a policy of conspiracies and intrigues against the Islamic world. 

The statement tackled also the Annapolis conference that "gave a deaf ear to the repeated promises in which the US administration claimed that it cares for spreading democracy and human rights in this region". The statement spoke also about the crimes that the US administration committed and its deliberate mixing between terrorism and Islam, while it is practicing a very savage form of international terrorism under claims of fighting terrorism. 

He also added in the statement that the US administration made use of the 911 attacks and started to carry out its secret schemes that started with demolishing Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq and stoking the sectarian strife in it, in addition to causing a war between Ethiopia and Somalia after security and stability started to gain ground between both countries. 

The statement spoke also about the US administration"s repeated attempts- under command of Bush, to cause problems with Iran under claims that it still resumes its nuclear program although these claims have been proved groundless. The United States wants through these attempts to end Iran "s peaceful nuclear program while it the United States ignores Israel "s arsenal of military nuclear missiles.

The statement tackled also the US administration"s support to Israeli occupation in Palestine, including the daily killing of civilians, encroaching on territories, in addition to the economic embargo imposed on Gaza Strip and denying its residents food, medicine and fuel till patients died because of lacking medication, actions which the Muslim Brotherhood totally rejects according to the statement. 
The Muslim Brotherhood"s statement has strongly rjected the planned visit of the US President, a confirming that it- being accounting for a big section of the Egyptian people- thinks that most Egyptian people along with other Arab and Islamic people who seek peace don"t welcome Bush"s visit to the region.

The statement indicated that the US administration supports corrupt regimes in the Arab world and it supports these regimes against the will of their peoples to serve the US administration"s interests and to undermine the relation between the rulers and the ruled to make these Arab rulers seek a foreign intervention, particularly a US administration"s intervention. 

The group rejected also the presence of any US military bases in any Islamic lands, calling on rulers to stop these actions and to reject the presence of the US observers on Egyptian borders with Gaza because Egypt " is not a policeman to protect security of the Zionist occupation", according to the statement.