Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Junta Decision Designating Hamas ‘Terrorist Organization’

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Junta Decision Designating Hamas ‘Terrorist Organization’

The Muslim Brotherhood deems null and void the decision by the Egyptian urgent matters court designating the Islamic Resistance Movement in Gaza (Hamas) a terrorist organization. We reject and condemn this flawed decision, its content and wording, which will not be recognized by the Egyptian and Arab peoples and all advocates of justice, humanity and freedom in the world.

The disgraceful verdict issued against Hamas which fends for the nation’s honor and identity is clear evidence of the traitorous junta’s crimes, of the military coup regime’s betrayal of the Egyptian people, the junta’s anti-Palestinian stance and its determination to fulfill all the Zionist enemy’s demands, and to adopt the enemy’s vision and agenda.

The urgent matters court judges will forever carry the shame of their absurd decision, which will be a black plot in Egypt’s history. Indeed, since the July 3, 2013 military coup, this court has been issuing verdicts and sentences by direct commands from the coup leaders. Those were invariably verdicts and sentences inconsistent with reason, justice and the common good.

Today, the court designated Hamas a terrorist organization, and before it also classified Al-Qassam Brigades as a terrorist organization, although those spare no effort, sacrificing their money and even their souls for the whole nation. Meanwhile, on April 16 (2014), the same court rejected a lawsuit that sought to prohibit any Israeli activities inside Egypt and to designate Israel a terrorist entity, siting lack of jurisdiction.

The Muslim Brotherhood re-affirms its full appreciation and whole-hearted support for Hamas and Al-Qassam, and praises and appreciates the resistance against Zionist enemy practices. The Brotherhood further appreciates the sacrifices Hamas and Al-Qassam make for the liberation of Al-Aqsa and all Islamic sanctities as well as the entire occupied Palestinian territories.

We refuse to recognize junta judges’ flawed and farcical verdicts and sentences, and assure we will continue to besiege the illegitimate military coup regime until we topple it as an integral part of the Zionist project. We are determined to continue the path of the January 25 Revolution to the end, trusting in God’s help, support and victory.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – March 1, 2015