Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Death Sentences

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Death Sentences

The judiciary in Egypt has become a cheap tool driven by the repressive military junta and the illegitimate coup regime in desperate attempts to break the will of the Egyptian people as expressed in the election of Dr. Mohamed Morsi president of Egypt, the first elected civilian president in the country’s history.

The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its categorical rejection of the principle of trying the elected President, and pays tribute to the resilience and steadfastness of the patriotic President Morsi and other defendants in the face of the oppressive despots despite all the pressures exerted by the military coup authorities against them.

Certainly, when treasonous spies, agents of foreign powers, hold on trial the honest and patriotic people of this country, this is an unacceptable fall, an injustice that will not last long before the growing revolutionary tide witnessed in streets and squares across Egypt.

The sentences issued today (Saturday) by an illegitimate court against President Morsi and his companions are the biggest proof yet of how the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his soldiers fear the elected President’s power even while he is held hostage in a prison cell, for Morsi represents the selfless devotion, steadfastness and resilience of the revolutionaries in the squares of pride and dignity against armed coup militias.

The group calls on the masses of the proud people of Egypt to steel their resolve and stand firm on the path of democratic legitimacy, dignity and respect for popular will, and to escalate revolutionary defiance activities every day until together we defeat the junta and topple the illegitimate military coup regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Saturday – May 16, 2015