• June 22, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Murderous Military Justice

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Murderous Military Justice

In a horrid heinous crime, unprecedented in history, by a murderous judiciary that already lost its reputation and honor, a decision is made to unjustly kill 182 honest and honorable Egyptians. One court alone has so far killed – outside the framework of international laws and humanitarian norms – 219 innocent patriotic Egyptians.

The murderous military and its brutal tools send unspeakable messages to the Egyptian people: "You have no right to life, freedom or justice… The murderer’s dictatorship is determined to tread a path of bloodshed and oppression, mouth-muzzling, violence and repression".

The Muslim Brotherhood assure that the people’s Revolution will go on, the end of the coup is imminent, the Egyptian people will not waver or cower, and the Egyptian people’s retribution from the coup commanders and collaborators in the judiciary, police, media and elsewhere will be decisive.

The men and women of this popular Revolution will not abandon the rights of their martyrs, the injured, the oppressed and the detainees. They will not show forgiveness to murderers, criminals or traitors. All those involved in these crimes will pay dearly when the time for revolutionary retribution comes, very soon.

The putschist traitors, of the military, the judiciary, the police, the media and others, are mistaken if they think these repressive measures could kill the Revolution or weaken its selfless patriotic men and women. Indeed, these barbaric tactics will only fan the fire of the Revolution and help spread its flames farther across Egypt.

The hour of salvation is near, and woe to those who killed the innocent, dealt injustice, deceived the people or acted in treacherous traitorous ways.

The unjust oppressors will soon see what destiny they will ultimately meet.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: June 21, 2014