Muslim Brotherhood Statement to Egyptian People

Muslim Brotherhood Statement to Egyptian People

 The Muslim Brotherhood, member of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance, assures all Egyptians, especially revolutionary men and women across this homeland, that the group is firm in its position, true to its principles, which it will never compromise. It will never abandon the mission, which it undertakes for the sake of this homeland.

We affirm that we will never accept or recognize the military coup or any consequent action or process. We will not accept reconciliation with anyone who participated in this bloody coup against legitimacy, against the interests of the nation and the path of the Revolution and democracy. We have no right to forgive the culprits or forgo retribution from the killers who spilled the blood of thousands of the finest young men, women, children and elderly persons in the massacres of Rabaa, Nahda and all public squares of Egypt.

That is our firm principle, which was affirmed by the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi, in his recent letter to the Egyptian people on the occasion of the new Hijri (Islamic) year. This is the principle for which sacrifices are made ​​and lives are sacrificed, for which we are determined to resist this tyranny and fascism.

We believe that God will help the Revolution and legitimacy triumph over the unjust oppressors.

Muslim Brotherhood
Monday – November 3, 2014