Muslim Brotherhood Statement to All Revolutionary Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood Statement to All Revolutionary Egyptians

 To the great Egyptian people rising in revolt across the country…

The thundering response to the call for "Muslim Youth Uprising", in defense of Egypt’s national identity, has caused fear and panic at all the coup regime’s security agencies.

There are credible news and reports about heinous plots by intelligence agencies, police and their paid thugs to commit massacres against revolutionary protesters and the Egyptian people at large.

Accordingly, we call on all anti-coup protesters to give the criminals no opportunity to use violence or spill Egyptian blood, and spare it for the defense of our homeland against its enemies.

We affirm the continuation of the revolutionary movement with action under the banner of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance: "God is Greatest… All United" on Friday and every day of this protest week, taking into account the following:

1. Commit to non-violence as the Egyptian Revolution’s motto.

2. Avoid places with large numbers of army and police personnel.

3. Raise the flags of Egypt and the usual revolutionary slogans.

4. Spread out in all parts of Egypt and throughout the streets and public squares.

5. The people’s Revolution shall go on until the military junta is ousted and retribution for the martyrs is established.

We affirm that those who commit non-peaceful acts or raise slogans other than those of non-violence do not belong to the revolutionary protesters. Be warned that the intelligence and security services may set up violent incidents to justify their usual approach of murder and repression. We hold the bloody coup regime responsible for any violations of rights, spilling of Egyptian blood or acts of terror on that day.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo on Thursday – November 27, 2014