Muslim Brotherhood Statement to World Powers: Stop Supporting Failing Coup in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Statement to World Powers: Stop Supporting Failing Coup in Egypt

 Such were his leaked insults that offended us, and which we would not allow against our good brothers in the Gulf.

Further, we call on all countries supporting the coup in Egypt to check out the aid paid to the coup leader during the past months, to find out where their money went? To help progress genuine interests of the Egyptian people? or to secret bank accounts bulging with stolen money?

We appreciate the Egyptian Parliament’s calls for countries of the world not to deal with the coup regime in Egypt. What is built on falsehood is false itself – null and void. All agreements or contracts signed under junta rule will have no legitimacy, are not binding for the Egyptian people. We say this now, so everyone should be aware of the situation.

To all states and governments: The coming coup donors conference will only be a way to take and waste your money, the coup regime in Egypt has failed to establish any successful economic project. You must have witnessed for yourselves the abject failure besetting the parallel Suez Canal project. This regime has failed to achieve security, stability or real development for the homeland and the people during the past year and a half. Be assured that your money will be doomed with this criminal gang.

To the Egyptian men and women of the Revolution: Your great protest action and selfless sacrifice will not go in vain. We pledge to tread, with you, the path of the Revolution without hesitation, retreat or compromise, until we defeat the entire coup regime and cleanse the country of its cronies and tentacles. So, move forward, steadfast until victory, until fair retribution is achieved.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday – February 10, 2015