Muslim Brotherhood Statement to Arab Summit

Muslim Brotherhood Statement to Arab Summit

To the kings and presidents gathered in Egypt today (Saturday) in the presence of the traitorous coup commander, the murderer of the people of Egypt, this is a message written by the Egyptian people, with the blood of martyrs, along with groans of the wounded – shot vengefully by treacherous coup bullets, and with the steadfastness of the patriotic citizens – thrown behind bars by the murderer who imprisoned this great homeland – Egypt.

You have come together today to discuss steps to confront the Houthis’ coup in Yemen, which ousted the legitimate president there, but unfortunately your host is another coup commander who betrayed his President’s trust, broke his oath, killed thousands of Egyptians, and seized power by force of the tank. The Egyptian people see this as another ironic case of double standards.

Arab rulers and the whole world should realize that the Egyptian people shall impose their will, defeat the military coup, reinstate democratic legitimacy, and achieve the objectives of the January 25 (2011) Revolution: freedom, dignity and social justice.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – March 28, 2015