Muslim Brotherhood Statement to All Egyptians Regarding Constitutional Poll

Muslim Brotherhood Statement to All Egyptians Regarding Constitutional Poll

The great people of Egypt made the peaceful January 25 revolution, which stunned the world as the greatest in history. The people toppled the edifices of injustice, corruption and tyranny, and ousted the most oppressive regime, sacrificing all – blood and souls – in their aspiration for a life of pride and dignity, freedom and social justice.

Now is the time to make your decision, to approve a constitution that helps improve your life, and uphold your will and your dignity.

This constitution was written by the Constituent Assembly elected indirectly by the Egyptian people. The Assembly made a great effort in drawing up this important document, and put it to the people for community dialogue six times over the past six months, making sure it is as perfect as humanly possible. The result is the greatest draft constitution Egypt ever knew.

Going to the polls and casting your ballots in the referendum is your national duty, especially at this time – in order to fill the constitutional vacuum plaguing the country since the fall of the Constitution of 1971, and to immediately transfer legislative power from the President to the Shura Council. Then, we can elect a new parliament and complete the rebuilding of all constitutional institutions.

The judges of Egypt will oversee the referendum, so your votes are in good hands. They will prove to you and to the whole world that they are capable of upholding and applying justice, bearing their responsibilities and carrying out their assigned duty.

We did witness how the Egyptian people were positive in the January 25, 2011 revolution, in the March 2011 referendum, in the last parliamentary elections in 2011, as well as the 2012 presidential elections.

We look forward to even more positive participation and stronger turn out by all the Egyptian people in this constitutional poll, because this constitution will determine our path for generations to come, and will certainly impact our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

May God guide us all to serve the best interests of Egypt and the Egyptian people.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – December 12, 2012

A statement by Dr. Mahmoud Hussein is available on the Muslim Brotherhood’s official Facebook page, at the following link: