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  • February 17, 2014
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Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Persecution of Muslims in Central African Republic

Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Persecution of Muslims in Central African Republic

The Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement denouncing the persecution of Muslims in the Central African Republic:

Once again, Muslims in a new part of the world suffer great injustice and oppression right under the very eyes and ears of the whole world.

They are the Muslims of the Central African Republic (CAR) who are paying with their lives and their blood for the major powers’ struggle for influence and wealth in that country.

Many observers believe that the current sectarian strife between Muslims and Christians in CAR is fueled by political struggles for power and control over resources, and that there are international and regional parties involved in the struggle each for their own interests, to bolster their influence in this weak African country blessed with huge resources.

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns all atrocities and unfair practices against Muslims in CAR and appeals to:

1 – The Organization of the African Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation… to send a joint delegation to check out the course of events and the accompanying looting, demolition of mosques, and the killing of imams and worshipers, and to report results to African, Islamic and world public opinion.

2 – The United Nations and the African Union… to withdraw all foreign forces from CAR territories, and to form a mission and an African peace force to oversee the launch of a comprehensive and broad national reconciliation accompanied by a fair political process that does not exclude any segment of the people.

3 – Voluntary organizations and Islamic charities… to try and rescue the oppressed men, women and children who had to flee their homes, and to provide aid and emergency assistance to alleviate the scourge of these crimes and unfair practices against them.

4 – All foreign forces stationed in the Central African Republic, particularly French troops… to uphold social peace, and to immediately intervene to provide security and protection for the people without discrimination or bias to any party at the expense of another, so the Organization of African Union can oversee the launch of the political process in the country.

"Think not that God is unaware of what the transgressors are doing" (Quran, 14:42).

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: February 15, 2014