Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

 Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, filed an official complaint with the Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Justice Talaat Abdullah, and the Interior Minister against more than 14 political parties, groups and public figures, for their part in calls to demonstrate in front of the Brotherhood Guidance Bureau headquarters, Friday, holding them responsible for any acts of violence that may occur there, while reaffirming full respect for freedom of opinion and expression, provided protesters do not imperil public safety and security, nor threaten public and private property.

Abdel-Maksoud said, "The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the utmost self-restraint, never seeks confrontation, and refuses that any of its members would face up to demonstrations and riots at the doorstep of its headquarters, since the responsibility of protecting the building lies with the security apparatus tasked with maintaining security and stability.

"The Brotherhood reiterates its full respect for peaceful protest, and urges everyone not to resort to provocation, in order to ensure everyone’s safety, and to uphold the good values of freedom of opinion and expression."

The Brotherhood’s lawyer stressed that: "Difference of opinion must not spoil friendship or fellowship. Political disputes must be resolved only through dialogue, not violence. Violence only begets violence, and seldom achieves any success, nor does it lead to real democracy or serve the higher interests of the homeland.

"I do not see worthy political forces getting involved in this losing and inane crusade that does harm to the Egyptian opposition, and causes it to lose the confidence of the masses, pushing them strongly to support Islamic parties and movements, especially the Muslim Brotherhood."