• MB News
  • October 11, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood to Join Protests against Acquittal of Revolution’s Camel Battle Defendants

Muslim Brotherhood to Join Protests against Acquittal of Revolution’s Camel Battle Defendants

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, said the group, along with all Egyptian people, is shocked and dismayed at the sentences handed down by the Cairo Criminal Court Wednesday exonerating all defendants in the Camel Battle case.

The Brotherhood recognizes that the court had no choice but to acquit the accused for lack of evidence, after most documentary and other evidence against the defendants were destroyed. The same farcical process was repeated in other trials of murderers of revolutionaries, such as the cases of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the Ministry building and Maspero.

Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood has decided, together with all Egypt’s national forces and stakeholders, to call for protests to express the people’s anger and frustration, in all liberty squares across Egypt on Thursday.

Furthermore, responding to calls from popular and partisan national forces, the Brotherhood will be joining million-man protest marches on Friday, in Tahrir Square, to demand retrials for all those accused of killing demonstrators in all the revolution’s tragic events.

Protesters will also demand drawing-up a high-level committee to investigate, acquire and submit new evidence to the judiciary, and will urge the President to honor his promises to punish the killers of the demonstrators.

The group, along with all popular and partisan national forces and stakeholders, as well as the entire Egyptian people – and certainly the President himself, since he surely shares all Egyptians’ feelings and concerns – will not rest until killers of peaceful protesters get their just punishment and the families of martyrs and the injured are reassured of justice that truly deters thugs and murderers.