Muslim Brotherhood to UN: End Burmese Terror Against Rohingya Muslims

Muslim Brotherhood to UN: End Burmese Terror Against Rohingya Muslims

HE Secretary General:

The fundamental function of the United Nations is "to promote and guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms for all".

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination state commitment and responsibility to uphold and protect the rights of all human beings and to take forceful action against all those who violate them.

At present, the Rohingya Muslims in their homes, where they were born and lived, are suffering horrific crimes and violations of their most basic human rights, as well as campaigns of murder and displacement that force them to leave their homeland and migrate to neighboring countries.

The Muslim Brotherhood urges you to intervene immediately and urgently to stop these violations, to stop the campaigns of killing and displacement waged against the Rohingya Muslims, to save their lives and to establish the values ​​of justice and equality you are required to uphold.

Currently, many atrocities and violations of human rights are being committed by more than one UN Member State, amid total silence about breaches of those countries’ own laws and of their obligations under the membership of your organization.

The Muslim Brotherhood appeals to officials and specialized institutions of your organization to act effectively to stop all human rights violations in any state, in accordance with the Charter and Statute of the United Nations.

Here are some examples of violations and international terrorism taking place in the shadow of unjustified silence from the international organizations concerned:

– The brutal and extensive campaign launched by the Burmese government against the Rohingya Muslims in Arakan, which is witnessing ethnic cleansing and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of the country’s citizens. Tens of thousands are being massacred. In one week, three thousand children, women, and elderly persons were killed, for no crime except that they are Muslims.

This ferocious murderous campaign is being escalated, and is getting more brutal, as tens of thousands of displaced, now homeless, people continue to flee after their villages were torched and their families killed, with the whole world, including the United Nations, still unable to save the victims.

– Propaganda campaigns target Islam and Islamic organizations which hold a true Islamic understanding, and which seek the good of all mankind. These media campaigns exploit errors arising from the misunderstanding of the faith. 

– The continued oppression, persecution and ethnic cleansing of East Turkestan Muslims by the Chinese government, since the early 18th century. These atrocities and practices persist to-date.

– Repeated massacres against Muslims of India, the latest of which was the state of Assam massacre in 2012, which led to the displacement of about 400 thousand Muslims, from 400 villages.

– Heinous campaigns of hatred against Muslims of Central Africa, causing the killing and displacement of thousands of Muslims in addition to the storming of mosques and desecration and mutilation of Muslim victims’ bodies.

– The siege imposed on the Gaza Strip from all directions and the three major wars launched by Israel on unarmed civilians in 2008, 2012 and 2014, which caused the deaths of thousands of civilians.

– Persecution and slaughter of Sunni Muslims, on identity, in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

– Many other historical massacres beyond the scope of this letter.

HE Secretary General:

The declared statistics of casualties – the dead, the wounded and the detainees – in all of the above-mentioned countries are in fact too many to count as atrocities and massacres are repeated daily in a systematic and frightening manner. The practices of authoritarian and racist regimes, as well as being a clear violation of all international conventions, covenants and treaties, constitute a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian norms, charters and United Nations human rights instruments.

Let saving the lives of all human beings, including Muslims, be a genuine beginning to establishing the foundations of international peace and security for which the United Nations was founded.

We hope deterrent measures will be taken without delay against the perpetrators of these crimes that target Muslims.

Yours Sincerely

The Muslim Brotherhood

Monday – September 4, 2017