Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptians to Mark Rabaa Massacre 2nd Anniversary with Peaceful Protests

Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptians to Mark Rabaa Massacre 2nd Anniversary with Peaceful Protests

 The second anniversary of the Rabaa and Nahda massacres comes while the nation and our beloved homeland "Egypt" are sadly still in the grip of the hijackers – the putschists; innocent blood is still being shed; tens of thousands of honest patriotic citizens are still forcibly disappeared in the treasonous coup’s military prisons, and tens of thousands more are hounded by junta militias at home and abroad.

The Rabaa and Nahda massacres are a significant milestone in the history of Egypt and the whole world. It is a crime that took place with international and regional connivance – including Egyptians who betrayed their country and their people, has no statute of limitations, its perpetrators are known, and the day will come when the culprits will be held accountable.

When hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rose in defense of democracy with protest sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda squares, it was an enlightening point in the history of Egypt. Attempts by international and Egyptian parties to communicate with the protesters in the sit-ins were taken seriously and dealt with accordingly, but many of these attempts were part of a plan of deception meant to facilitate the implementation of the massacre plan.

It is now two years since the heinous crime, but the earth does not drink up the innocents’ blood, the men and women of the Revolution have not sold off the homeland’s rights, nor did they shamefully bow or negotiate on the victims’ bodies. Despite the escalating wave of killings, torture, detention, kidnapping and enforced disappearances, the revolutionaries and patriotic people of Egypt are still committed to continuing the march on the path of the Revolution.

Certainly, over the past two years the peaceful revolutionary resistance had high and low points, amid a barbaric security clampdown, with assassinations at patriotic people’s homes and in the streets, as well as murder inside prisons. All these impacted the revolutionary movement.

Now, everyone (including us) has to bear their responsibility in facing up to the military state, the coup regime and the traitorous junta, with good plans, and new and  inventive methods.

On the second anniversary of the Rabaa massacre, we call on the Egyptian people and all the patriotic and honorable citizens and activists to make Friday August 14 a Day of Rage and a huge revolutionary protest against the murderers, to commemorate the martyrs.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo – August 13, 2015