• MB News
  • December 12, 2014
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Urges Opponents for Nonviolent Anti-Coup Cooperation

Muslim Brotherhood Urges Opponents for Nonviolent Anti-Coup Cooperation

 In an open letter published Thursday, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said: "Those who sincerely love this dear homeland cannot possibly support those who have been involved in corruption, treachery, oppression, fascism and repression. No patriotic citizen can keep quiet about all this, especially after it all got exposed, as seen and heard by the whole world".

The Brotherhood called all patriotic politicians and groups, even its opponents, saying: "There is no way to save this homeland except by confronting the bloody junta and the corrupt coup regime. Those who dislike a certain faction on the scene should be fair in their actions. They should certainly not do, aid or accept injustice for that faction.

"We ask our patriotic brothers who initially sided with the bloody military coup in good faith, is it not time for the honorable to wake up and come back to join the march on the democratic path?"

The group asked: "Is it not time for you, patriotic politicians and  groups, to say it loud and clear, after the latest developments that exposed utter coup regime corruption, that you are rejoining your Revolution, and closing ranks with the honorable in liberty squares of the Revolution, of freedom and dignity?

"We ask all patriotic politicians and groups to change their attitudes and stances, and endeavor to remedy the injustice they caused their people, in cooperation with the Brotherhood."

The Brotherhood reiterated that it is one of the most sincere and fairest national factions in Egypt, keen to defend the homeland, and honest in protecting the interests of its beloved country.

"Despite all the junta’s and its media tentacles’ blatant false claims that Brotherhood members engage in terrorism, the Egyptian people realize that they are innocent of all the crimes blamed on them, and that in fact thousands of them are brutally killed and injured, while tens of thousands of them are arrested, but they do not seek revenge nor resort to violence, all to protect Egypt and its people from a disastrous fate like certain other countries."