Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Statement on Increasing Violence Against Muslims

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Statement on Increasing Violence Against Muslims

The Finsbury Park Mosque attack in the British capital London, which killed, injured and maimed several Muslim victims, and the killing of a Muslim teenage girl in the US state of Virginia on the same day, were only the latest in a series of escalating racist attacks targeting Muslims in the West. These reflect a hounding of Muslim communities, and prove that terrorism has no faith or religion, that it targets everyone, and should not be attached to Islam falsely, unjustly.

The recurrence of these horrendous racist attacks is a real threat, especially if you leave things as they are, without urgent political, security and media action. People of conscience and fair thinking, and government authorities should assume their responsibilities, face these events and address the phenomenon of Islamophobia, which has become a real threat to the security and stability of the concerned countries, causing dangerous societal divides, and threatening the security and stability of Muslim communities, which have become an integral part of the fabric of societies.

We call on governments, as well as Arab and Islamic organizations, to fulfill their responsibilities to defend the Islamic faith and the interests of Muslims, and to strive to curb the growing phenomenon of Islamophobia. This requires the criminalization of hate propaganda in the media at home and abroad.

The Muslim Brotherhood extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the Finsbury Park attack, the Virginia murder and all victims of racist attacks, asking the Almighty to inspire the families with patience and steadfastness.

Ibrahim Mounir

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Wednesday – June 21, 2017