Muslim Brotherhood Views on Unconstitutional Declaration Issued Tuesday

Muslim Brotherhood Views on Unconstitutional Declaration Issued Tuesday

In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Gracious

Muslim Brotherhood Position on Unconstitutional Declaration Issued Tuesday, July 9

Adli Mansour, the illegitimate president of Egypt, who was appointed by a group of coup commanders to act as a civilian front for dictatorial military rule, issued what he called a constitutional declaration Tuesday. Our position on this declaration is as follows:

* Since the military coup is evidently an unconstitutional and therefore illegitimate act, the appointment of Adli Mansour (who never even swore the necessary oath when he became head of the Constitutional Court), abrogating the Constitution, and dismissing the Upper House of Parliament (the only legislative power in Egypt), are all null and void actions which we do not recognize nor accept. They are not recognized, either, by the people, who elected the legitimate President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, and approved the Constitution by a large majority, safeguarded the Upper House (Shura Council) as the legislative authority pending the election of the House of Representatives.

* Since the people are sovereign, and they are the source of authority, and their will are above all others, and since this will has been manifested in fair and most credible elections and referendums, which are considered the standard scientific and objective only to learn the truth about popular will, therefore, democracy dictates that this will may not be overruled or overturned except through the same democratic mechanisms.

* This Declaration makes it absolutely clear that the military coup dictators have no respect for the people and see themselves as their guardians. Moreover, they are prohibited from interfering in politics. Hence, they have committed several major crimes.

* The politicians who paved the way and called for and supported the illegitimate military coup, then approved the Declaration, are simply a group of fickle opportunist chameleons who violated the very principles they claim they are committed to, like respecting the will of the people, democratic process, and a modern constitutional civil state. Their repeated failures at the ballot box illustrate their inability to win the trust of the people as they continued to lose elections and referenda five times after the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

* A comparison between the 2012 Constitution and the latest so-called Constitutional Declaration shows the extent of sophistication, excellence and superiority of the former over the latter in matters pertaining to freedoms and balance of powers.

* It is most unfortunate that failed politicians and a group of jurists used to raise a rumpus whenever the elected president issued a constitutional declaration, though he had legislative power, but now they bless the constitutional declaration issued by a putschist, an usurper of power, installed as head of the illegitimate administration by a group of military coup commanders who set about supporting him with brutal and merciless massacres and threaten the people with more of the same, thus threatening the country’s unity and cohesion.

* To sum up, actions and procedures set out in this so-called constitutional declaration are beyond legitimacy.
They call for new presidential elections, amongst other things, and all of them are rejected as illegal, null and void, because they emanate from a ruler who lacks legitimacy.

The Muslim Brotherhood
July 9, 2013