Muslim Brotherhood Vows Rabaa Massacre Masterminds, Collaborators Will Be Held to Task

Muslim Brotherhood Vows Rabaa Massacre Masterminds, Collaborators Will Be Held to Task

 Recently, international human rights organizations issued reports accusing coup forces of executing the most violent massacres in Egypt’s modern history – in Rabaa and Nahda squares. Those reports also condemned the use of excessive force and deadly violence without justification against demonstrators and protestors.

A few days ago, 27 nations of the UN Human Rights Council issued a report condemning the murderous military junta regime’s human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Altogether, these reports are sufficient to bring these murderers to international courts.

In an attempt to escape a shameful fate, the putschists instructed Egypt’s so-called National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), whose members are all junta vassals appointed by Al-Sisi – and are ardent supporters of the military coup and junta crimes, to issue a report trying to clear their names of these crimes and wash their hands of the copious blood they spilled.

On Monday (March 17), the NCHR presented its report (as instructed by the junta) at a news conference in Cairo.

Unsurprisingly, the report was a perfect copy of the coup Interior Ministry’s account of the violent sit-in breakup events, though the Ministry refused to show the NCHR the sit-in breakup plan. Further, the NCHR report mentioned that it did not hear the other side of the story, the protesters’ statements and testimonies. Evidently, this proves clear bias on the part of the NCHR, and hence the report loses credibility.

Ultimately, the NCHR report was full of lies, and omitted facts witnessed by hundreds of thousands in the protest sit-in camps, as well as millions of citizens on television. However, the most serious audacious omission in the report is that it (admittedly) removed all the treasonous coup chief’s and his murderous collaborators’ as well as his armed forces’ crimes from all accounts, despite all their evident active and deadly involvement in the horrid massacres, placing full responsibility on the police alone for all crimes.

Absurdly, the Interior Ministry welcomed that report, overlooking the fact that the murderous coup commander is trying to deceive everyone ‘tactically’, and that at some point in time he will blame each of his collaborators personally for committing these massacres in an attempt to dodge the consequences and escape legal prosecution at home and abroad (the oppressor turning on collaborators).

When the President of the NCHR felt questions from journalists were skeptical of all the contents of the report, he demanded that anyone who has facts about the massacres must show them or shut up. Immediately, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance declared it would hold a press conference Tuesday in which it would show the full facts, supported by audio and video recordings as well as statements and testimonies of eyewitnesses, injured protesters, and  unarmed demonstrators who had been arrested and tortured. All this evidence, the Alliance affirmed, would clearly prove the involvement of military forces in these massacres, with pictures of army helicopters, armored vehicles and army snipers on top of buildings killing protestors without a care in the world for accountability, and the military police forces arresting and torturing anyone who tried to get out of the sit-in camps.

On Wednesday, however, before the conference convened, coup police forces surrounded the Independence Party headquarters where the presser was to take place, and prevented people from getting in to attend the conference.

Obviously, this is solid evidence indicating the extent of horror amongst junta generals of the truth coming out. It also is the clearest evidence of the invalidity of the NCHR report, and that the facts carried by the conference the junta prevented constitute the truth, the reality of what happened, and the damning proof of the junta’s guilt in the unspeakable bloodbath.

The Muslim Brotherhood

March 18, 2014