Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Dr. Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said that protestors in Rabaa Al-Adaweya are not scared by the putschist government’s statement Wednesday, adding that the statement is finally setting fire to the Egyptian public, having dowsed them with petrol over the past few weeks.

"The putschists are hungry for more blood. Evidently, the coup commander cannot turn back. So, he decided to push for more oppression, incarceration and persecution, totally ignoring the voice of wisdom and reason.

"Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins are nothing more than a peaceful and legitimate expression of opinion. All anti-coup activities in the sit-ins, during last month, were in the full glare of the respected media. Meanwhile, the action taken by the military-appointed cabinet will only increase the people’s determination to continue the sit-ins until they wrest their rights."

Dr. Aref further said, "We invited human rights organizations and journalists, who came to see the situation inside Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins at first hand.

"I am shocked at the double standards used in dealing with Tahrir Square and Itehadia Presidential Palace protests on the one hand, which are being protected, and Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Square protests, which are being falsely accused of becoming a threat to national security.

"National security requires that the army should do its duties at the country’s borders, not the elimination of demonstrators in peaceful street protests by force."

The Brotherhood media spokesman criticized the military intelligence department for taking control of political affairs, although this is not its role or mission at all.

"We have a succession of massacres by security forces against unarmed civilians. Those who warn protesters against approaching military institutions are the ones lusting for blood of the Egyptian people now."

Dr. Aref added that, "The reaction of all Egyptians, who want to live in freedom, is to continue their peaceful protests in the country’s public squares, and will not leave until the return of legitimacy hijacked by the bloody coup. A few days in the squares will avoid long years of fighting by the Egyptian people. We will continue to demonstrate and protest peacefully. This will certainly overturn the coup.

"The Interior Minister has just revealed that he is not in control of his Ministry. Nevertheless, he is responsible for the massacre of the Republican Guard Headquarters, in which he claimed that there was an attempt to cut off a main road."