Muslim Brotherhood Warns Against Falling Into Libyan Quagmire

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Against Falling Into Libyan Quagmire

 The drums of war on Libya have begun to sound louder than ever in the military-controlled Egyptian media, with the generals and their media henchmen blowing in the horns of war and fanning the fire. In fact, the junta regime in Egypt is plotting for Libya, hoping to crush the February 17 Revolution there, as they did the January 25 Revolution here in Egypt.

The generals supported the dissident treasonous Haftar in secret until he was overwhelmingly defeated, they began to reveal their true hostile face towards the Libyan revolution. Meanwhile, the generals are rushing to fulfil every whim and desire of anyone who will open their coffers to crush the Arab Spring revolutions and what they call political Islam.

This means that the murderous junta in Egypt wants to turn the army into groups of mercenaries fighting for whoever is willing to pay. Egyptians reject this with all certainty. Libya has never been a threat to Egyptian national security. If there is smuggling of weapons, as they claim, the problem can and should be handled in co-ordination with the Libyan authorities, by tightening controls on both sides of the border near crossing points, and not by waging wars.

Moreover, Libya is not a typical neighboring country, but a sister state with many important ties between us – such as religion, Arabism, blood, lineage, intermarriage, history, culture and destiny. Also, it was Libya that financially supported Egypt after the latter’s defeat in the 1967 war, and during the war to liberate Sinai in 1973. Furthermore, Libya employs about a million and a half Egyptians at present.

The Libyan people have the right to choose their own system of governance, just like all nations of the world. But the military junta in Egypt do not just impose a fascist murderous dictatorship on the people of Egypt, but they want to impose the same traitorous repressive regime on other nations of the region, driven by the arrogance of armed power and oppression funded by Gulf money.

Wise and mature regimes seek to smooth out problems between them and their neighbors, and boost cooperation and harmony, in order to devote themselves to resolve their own internal problems and achieve progress, development and strength. By contrast, authoritarian regimes stir up external problems and sink into the quagmire of animosities and wars with neighboring states, while neglecting their own country’s interior affairs, causing backwardness and final failure.

Thus, the big friendly brother turns into a foolish enemy to its neighbors, and a friend of the enemy of all Arabs, until a catastrophic setback devastates it. History tells us that the military regime in Egypt, in the fifties and sixties, antagonized most Arab countries and fought wars in some of them, until the 1967 war where it could not survive more than six days. The result was the tragic catastrophe in which we still live today, not only Egypt but the entire Arab world. Are those who fan the fires of wars at all aware of these lessons of history?

The Egyptian people, with all their political and ideological colors, must address this reckless idea, and declare their refusal to fall deep into the quagmire of war on a good neighboring country. This would only serve the interests of the enemies of the nation and those who plot against its interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – August 6, 2014