Muslim Brotherhood Will Never Endorse Sectarian Clashes

Muslim Brotherhood Will Never Endorse Sectarian Clashes

Muslim Broterhood Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the MB will never endorse sectarian conflicts in Egypt because national unity is a prerequisite for any desired reform.

"The Muslim Brotherhood looks upon their Christian brothers as first class citizens who must enjoy all citizenship rights," Habib said.

"Considering Copts as first class citizens necessitates preserving their right to perform religious rites with utmost freedom, including the right to maintain and renovate Coptic buildings." 

Habib added that if there happens to be any attempts to link the MB to any sectarian clashes, it will only indicate an intention to distort the image of MB for political reasons.

The eastern Cairo district Ain Shams has witnessed clashes on Sunday between Muslims and Copts because Copts performed prayers inside a closed factory, that is located beside a mosque. The factory was allegedly turned into a church. Both parties threw bricks at one another leading to the injury of 14, including security officers who tried to contain the clashes.