Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Be Dragged into Violence Instigated by Certain Political Forces

Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Be Dragged into Violence Instigated by Certain Political Forces

 Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said that calls by a number of political and "revolutionary" forces to demonstrate and storm Muslim Brotherhood headquarters is totally inappropriate, pointing that this amounts to political blackmail, as it exploits events in the ugliest way imaginable and uses them for vilifying propaganda to serve their narrow interests.

"Some political forces and individuals plot and scheme against the Brotherhood and its leaders, endeavoring to keep Egypt perpetually in the abyss of lawlessness, violence and chaos.

Recent clashes outside the Brotherhood’s office Saturday are being used to ignite the situation again, as hostile opponents constantly seek to find a burning issue to continue the cycle of violence and instability. Meanwhile, they escalate their media war to undermine economy and the country remains mired in instability."

An alliance of revolutionary forces issued a statement calling for mobilization and organization of a million-man march Friday to overthrow ‘the rule of the Brotherhood’, condemn attacks on activists, and declare the current regime ‘illegitimate’ due to its continued abuses, according to the statement.

The statement also included several other demands which Mehrez refuted: "Demands to dismiss the Public Prosecutor are attempts to exert pressure on an important component of the judiciary; that is an attempt to interfere in the work of the judiciary. We reject politicization of judicial affairs. Patriotic groups and forces should refrain from dragging the Public Prosecutor into the political arena.

"Dismissal of Hisham Qandil’s government would trigger even more uncertainty, instability and insecurity in the country. This government’s work will come to a natural end when the new House of Representatives is elected. The formation of a new government will then follow, with the support of the new parliament that will reflect the people and their demands."

Mehrez went on, saying: "Appointing a new Cabinet is incompatible with reason and logic. It is not such an easy step to take as some expect. It is a complex process that requires budgets, plans and visions for the future. Therefore, the dismissal of the government now is not realistic.

"Demanding early presidential elections, is what certain groups and parties are really after, with no regard for the interests of the homeland. I wonder how they boldly demand presidential elections now, while insisting that the security situation in Egypt is not suitable for parliamentary elections. They seem to hold that circumstances are good for holding presidential elections, amending the Constitution and changing the President, but are not good enough for holding parliamentary elections!"

With regard to calls for disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood, Mehrez said: "No-one has the right to dissolve the Brotherhood except by law. Postrevolution Egypt is determined the law must be applied. We are waiting for the new NGOs law. We will reconcile our situation according to that. The judiciary never ruled against the founding of the Brotherhood, nor did it ever rule to dissolve it. Lawsuits calling for the Brotherhood’s dissolution since 1954 to date are so far unresolved. Consequently, the Brotherhood is legal since it was founded, and there is no legal reason for it to be disbanded.

"The Brotherhood abhors clashes among Egyptians as thugs and hooligans attack its headquarters yet again."

Mehrez appealed to prudent political parties and stakeholders to retreat from these demonstrations, saying: "These are not in the interest of Egypt, our homeland. The blood of Egyptians is precious.

"Those who still want to protest should choose the right place, away from potential tensions, strife and confrontation. Egypt is great enough to accommodate all without friction."